The Rabbit Whole

Hacking and slashing through crappy writing.

WordPress is a bit clingy with it’s data. I mean my data. It is not easy to get control of stuff in the WP vortex. WP has it’s place, but it does not meet my long term needs any longer. Some things are easier on WP. Other things are harder. I would strongly recommend any beginner to stay on WP.

As described earlier there was/is a lot of parallel learning required to get up and staggering with AsciiDoc and Antora.  Antora using AsciiDoc is for creating document sites. The most important part of approaching EXP like a document instead of a website is that AsciiDoc works best with ventilated prose. This means that each sentence sits on it’s own line using a text editor. Not unlike a line of code. This makes EXP Game part of the Docs as Code movement.

Seeing each sentence as a line of code has made many errors in 5.x impossible to ignore. There is a re-write going on simultaneously. There are so many grammatical, rule and logic errors being fixed that this will be a new version of EXP come spring 2020.

Git is working out for storing the docs. I am not going to share the repository as the content is a hot mess.