Schedule Required

There is a rewrite going on. Not just rule updates but grammar updates. The run on sentence and passive voice are being exterminated. The task is herculean in many ways. There is a lot of data and writing is hard. The rule reworking is fun. Really fun. The main rework is extending the tactical combat system to a complete rule system called Roll Playing Rules. The theatrical combat system is being extended as well and will have a minimal roll rule set called the Role Playing Rules. Not creating anything new, just pulling apart a previously enmeshed system. Now referee and players can start out in either system and face less snags between the two systems.


I have pretty much embraced the markup language AsciiDoc. The constrictions of the online editor feel conspicuous and Gutenberg feels like an abomination. Can’t say I am too old for change. I made a major change. I am too old for UX assholes making me change my workflow for their mock turtleneck square glasses bullshit.

This arm of the project ends on June 2 2020 regardless of it’s status. As of today I am 0 days behind schedule. The reason is that I am not a good writer. Restructuring and writing tables is fun and easy. Correcting incoherent writing is a lot hard. A lot slower. I may make some of those fun project completion graphics that I made for version 5.0.

Have a Look

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Android migraines are the worst.