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665) Website: expgame suffered dramatic damage moving from 1and1 to Google cloud. Operational costs dropped 100 fold, but there are some persnickety things to sort out. Easily a month of part time work.

  • images
  • table headings
  • audio book links
  • sf trailer links
  • sf shorts links
  • natural language links

12) Life: Have fun

18) Life: Fate the RPG is a beautiful thing

42) Life: six times nine.


5) Website: Work on responsive break points for various devices Thanks Suffusion. You are awesome.

16) Website: Clean graphics link to cultural pop: video example, video how to, essay, story, support tool

24) Website: should gifs replace youtube to avoid take down hassles

33) Website: change css for table search in table press to move it left justified. Cannot be used until done. search is very useful for big tables and maybe even focusing performance tables.

38) Website: underlines versus hyperlinks DECISION remove underlines

34) Website: fix the css in the Better Anchor Links widget to have 3 levels of bullets.


17) Artwork: paucity of alien pix in Alien generation chapter.

36) Artwork: comedic, not comic book. Not manga appearance, clean art line art

30) Artwork: Full size images. Find undersized images with no exciting scale.


10) Performance Tables: clearly explain skills and skills levels and proficiency levels and how it effects DD or performance table and to hit rolls

11) Appendix F: persona record sheets example an explanation needs own chapter. Decision extended appendix


15) Initiative: The h/u as points per unit where certain actions and direction changes use up points.

23) Initiative: should initiative be changed to priority for the tactical system?

22) Robots: add robot combat tables to roboto persona checklist section?

25) Special Rolls: in challenge rolls let’s remove make and and change it to WIN!. Clearer.


29) Combat Tables: Add aliens and robots

35) Ambush: any adjustments?

37) Bombs: revisit each one after Grenades is done.

40) Artillery: revisit after Guns is done


41) Misc Eq. Connect attractor with attraction odor on table

43) Misc Eq: Connect generator with fuel type from vehicles

44) Misc Eq: Connect psionic headband with Mental Defencelessness

45) Support Eq: value of software

46) Misc Wep: corroborate compucrafted mundane and compucrafted misc weap

47) Random J: Match missing parts between Misc and other tables

48) Space Vehicles: connect fuel type to vehicle explanation

49) Space Vehicle: Record Sheet

50) Vehicle: Record Sheet

51) Physical Mutation: Connect Arms 4 with Mental control over physical state

52) Physical Mutation: Connect Strange N Part 50 with Mental Sonar

53) Special Rolls: Downward adjusted attribute (attribute – level)

54) Assistants: Example gifs of various devices, mutations, or actions.



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2) Consistency of table presentations. periods? numbers versus explanations.

3) Standardize image presentations.All pictures appear above and have a witty comment.

4) Explanation for Ref’s Own Table. AKA other, AKA Choose. Ref’s Imagination etc.

6) Rationalize robot attacks offensive peripherals and defences confusing labels.

8) Anthropomorph Creation Checklist? definitely but must use excerpts from other chapters to create steps like bots and aliens also requires Table 4.1 and adjusting all other tables. UGH!

9) find a replacement pop up essays. Highslide seems to be gone.

1) Roll saving throws and attribute roles into one glob intensity versus save versus to hit roll versus attribute challenges. flexibility has lead to confusion. needs some KISS

20) wear is cover and concealment? (see what i did there — wear)

19) boy was i surprised to find this “Type A weapons can only attack every second unit. A player attacking one unit (making a roll to hit), would have to wait out one unit before attacking again. The lost unit is spent parrying other type A attacks, and creating combinations for the next attack. “

7) Detailed robotic appearance table? like alien one?

21) fix base race versus anthro manufacture type 25) remove base race from robots and race from anthros search and destroy

24) hps adjustment for RP by class

27) Space Vehicle Combat: Should shields be added to the life support cascade of space vehicles? ie, if shields are on a ship should they need to be destroyed before the hull can be destroyed?

28) Space vehicle combat, bonuses for pilot gunnery, engineers,

31) Space Vehicle Combat: finish hull damage effects!!

32) Armour: Strange armour types for robots and aliens and mutants

14) Attributes: add social standing to them. Clear up social standing appears in NOTHINGs and incidentals. consider moving to attributes. decision, add to attributes once and for all.

13) Incidentals: revisit incidentals when money and equipment chapters are done. also may include TOYS list by class

26) Space Vehicles: Change distance for special drives. Jump ship. Plane

39) Guns: Special and special meaning flotto

31) Website: have links in tables. change CSS for link to show up through highlight.

32) Website: change css of h2 h3 and h4 to better represent their cascade with changes to emphasis and size