Deep In A Rabbit Hole

The two main things that convinced me to move EXP off of WordPress are:

  1. The writing in EXP is terrible and needs to be subjected to a docs as code rewrite.
  2. The data in EXP is open source but inaccessible due to design
    1. To convert a table from WP EXP to Python is very difficult.
    2. To convert a table from AsciiDoc EXP to Python is a breeze

I am not hacking on WP. It is the open source publishing foundation of the intertubes. I would recommend everyone starting out to use it. However, WP does not fit into my long term goals of an open access, accessible, revisionable, and forkable rule set.

I have chosen to run with Antora using AsciiDoc. This is not easy. One must learn many fresh new ideas.

  1. Git
  2. Gulp
  3. Netlify
  4. Node
  5. NPM
  6. HTML, JS and CSS (fluency required)

And this is before learning AsciiDoc.

Short term hell for long term swell.