Chapter 47: Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is designed to repair organic machines. Each piece of medical equipment performs its own private miracle, but nothing does everything, and some things do nothing. Even though the equipment is highly advanced, the equipment still requires some input from so-called professionals. Veterinarians are the primary users of medical artifacts, most artifacts merely require a single vet to point the device correctly, while other devices need an entire research team. Biologists can find some use for the principles of some medical equipment, and can use them to the benefit of their PT rolls. Hopefully, medical equipment will not only be used to repair the wounded from battle, but to heal the sick, aid the needy, and other humanitarian efforts (ha!). The attributes of medical equipment are detailed in the following paragraphs.

Medic. Medic.
Medic. Medic.

Combining Equipment

As veterinarians gather medical equipment their proficiency as healers will increase greatly. In fact with enough medical equipment a low level veterinarian could perform the most amazing of miracles. Because of this some referees will want to limit the amount of equipment that he persona will be able to use at once. This is entirely the preference of the referee. A vet could be limited to using 2 pieces of medical equipment per experience level. If additional pieces are desired then the persona must make a successful PT roll to include them. Research teams can greatly assist her because each persona can control several artifacts yet all the players rolling will earn PT roll bonuses.


Duration is the amount of use that can be had from a piece of medical equipment before it must be discarded, or its batteries replaced. If the duration only has a certain number of uses like “One use”, or “50 uses”, then the device is depleted when that number of uses is reached. Many devices only require a freshly charged set of batteries, but other devices are disposable, or require replacement materials. Devices that have a time length like “500 units”, or “25 hours” can operate for that length of time before their batteries are depleted. If a duration lists a wate like 500kgs This means that the device can process 500 kg of flesh, or materials, before the batteries must be replaced. The last duration type is “power source”. This means that ate artifact requires so much power that it must be attached  to an industrial power source, like a nuclear generator, or a hydroelectric power plant. It is not uncommon for these artifacts to require a cooling down period, or even a maintenance, between uses.


The wate of medical equipment is the functional wate of the toy excluding batteries. For some equipment the wate after tech level adjustment is an indicator of how difficult the machine is to use.


The experience point value is awarded to the persona who correctly identifies the device, or is successfully treated with the artifact and then identifies it. Enormous experience point awards are supposed to be granted to entire expeditions, or research teams, not individual personas.


This is the electrum piece value of the device in a regular market, certain devices may be invaluable if a wealthy enough persona’s health is on the line.

Equipment Type

Roll on Table 47.1: Medical Equipment to determine what device the persona has to further the well being of the world.

Table 47.1 Medical Equipment

Random collection of things for vets and biologists to fix organic personas.
Die Roll (1d100)Medical Device
01-031)Age Determiner
04-052)Anesthetics Mask
06-073)Anti Cancer Beam
08-094)Anti Mutation Beam
10-115)Anti Virus Beam
12-136)Automatic Tourniquet
14-157)Bandage Box
168)Biorganic Attachments
179)Biorganic Replacement
18 10)Blind Goggles
19-2011)Blood Clot Disruptor
21-2212)Blood Congealer
23-2413)Bone Setter
25-2714)Breath Ball
28-2915)Cardio Vest
3016)Cerebro Converter
3117)Cloning Equipment
32-3318)Coma Control Unit
34-3519)Comfy Couch
36-3820)Consciousness Headband
39-4021)Cauterizing Ray
4122)Deaf Head Phones
4223)Drug Box
43-4524)Eye Cleaners
46-4725)Fever Control Blanket
49-5027)Injury Detector
51-5228)Internal Viewer
5329)Life Ray
54-5630)Limb Capper
57-6231)Medi Kit
63-6532)Medi Wraps
66-7033)Medical Kit
71-7334)Metab Counter
74-7535)Mood Ball
76-7836)Mutation Detector
7937)Neuro Cap
80-8238)Poison Detector
8339)Poison Box
8440)Psionic Box
85-8741)Phenotype Determiner
8842)Rejuv Chamber
93-9645)Stasis Bag
9746)Touch Gloves
00Ref's Own Table
Die RollDevice

1) Age Determiner

Duration:5 years (Batteries)
Bonuses:+10 Age related PT rolls

This little black box constantly gives the chronological age of all higher organic creatures within a three hex range. The device can be adjusted to determine the age of microbes and other organic life forms. The age determiner can be used to help detect a disguise, notice a time space aberration, or assist in any research that requires tissue growth or culture maintenance. One set of batteries lasts for about five years.

2) Anesthetics Mask

Duration:5 hours (Batteries)
Bonuses:+20 surgery PT rolls; +10 on ID

An anesthetics mask looks like a gas mask with various dials and indicators. The mask will render any organic mammal unconscious for the time set on the mask. This is a pain free state similar to being maintained under general anesthetic, however no pharmacological agents are employed. It is virtually impossible to subject an unwilling patient to the anesthetics mask. Once employed there is absolutely no saving throw granted.

The mask should not be prematurely removed from the subject. If the creature is not returned to consciousness by the mask, there is a 2% chance that unconsciousness will persist for 1-100 days. The mask can only anesthetize one creature at a time. The mask will offer a +20 bonus to any PT roll that requires a stable unconscious patient. One set of batteries will anesthetize for a total of 300 minutes (5 hours).

3) Anti Aging Beam

Duration:25 years (Power Source)
Bonuses:+20 Age related PT rolls

This machine bastes the creature with information encoded energy that has a chance of reprogramming aging cells in the body. The subject must lie in the 1 meter x 2 meter treatment rectangle one hour a day for three consecutive days. The player must make a successful recovery roll to have her persona receive the effects of this device. The beam can eliminate any unnatural aging that the persona has been subject to. For instance, aging due to chrono attack weapons, or special drive accidents could be healed by the anti-aging beam.

The effect of the beam is to reduce the cellular age of the persona by 3 to 30 years per treatment. The de-aging of the body’s cells will not heal any lost attributes, but it will reduce the persona’s age. For instance if a persona were 52 years of age and she had suffered PSTR and DEX penalties for aging she could decrease her age by 3 to 30 years, but this would not restore her lost attribute points. To restore lost attributes the persona must employ a rejuv chamber. The value of the anti-aging treatment is that she will require 3 to 30 more years of aging to reach the same attribute decay level again. See chapter 13, Health.

The amount of aging is always random, and can only be adjusted if a veterinarian makes a PT of 1 year adjustment per 2 DD. For a vet persona to reduce the amount of de-aging by 5 years would require a 10DD maneuver. If the persona should be aged below 1 year, she is dead. Since the amount of de-aging acquired by the cells is usually random then this device could easily kill a frequent user. The anti-aging beam could be used to age a target if a veterinarian were to adjust it accordingly (10 DD at least).

4) Anti Mutation Beam

Duration:100kgs (Batteries)
Bonuses:+20 mutation related PT rolls
Value:200 000

An anti-mutation beam (A.M.B.) can cause mutated cells (or groups of cells) to restructure themselves into their original biological forms. If the beam were pointed at a mutant with the physical mutation arms, the arms would fall off as the beam hit her. This would work the same for beneficial mutations also, antennae would shrivel up, and a symbiotic attachment would curl up and fall off. A mental mutation would simply stop working. Thus the anti-mutation beam is as much a defence against mutants, as it is a cure for defective mutations.

Not all mutations are obviously genetic anomalies, and some merely represent extreme variations of normality. If there is a dispute brewing over whether the anti-mutation beam is appropriate, or not, consult the sphincter dice, as described in chapter 16, Special Rolls.

The beam will be effective if the mutant fails a poison attack against her physical mutations, and psionic attack against her mental mutations. The attack intensity of the A.M.B. is 2 to 12 plus one per level of veterinarian using the device. The total body wate of the patient is considered when treating for mutations, and the device can eliminate mutations from 100 kg of flesh per battery set. The beam has a 40 cm range, and its effect is instantaneous.

If a veterinarian wishes to only eliminate certain mutations she can cover parts of the mutant’s body, and focus the beam. To avoid a specific mutation requires 3DD per physical mutation, and 10DD per mental mutation. If the vet wanted to eliminate a mutant’s pus producing organ, while retaining her symbiotic attachment and pyrokinesis the vet would have to make a 13DD maneuver.

5) Anti Virus Beam

Duration:200 units (Batteries)
Bonuses:+20 microbiologic related PT rolls; Vet +10 on PT rolls to prevent infection
Value:100 000

The hand held anti-virus beam will kill any foreign virus, bacteria, fungi, prion or organism that is found infiltrating an organic substance. The beam will not kill those organisms which are determined to be in a symbiotic relationship with the patient. This super-sterilizer has a range of 75 cm.

There is a larger version which weighs 10 times as much, is worth 125000, and is effective on all micro-organisms within a 2 hex radius of effect. The Sterilizer will be found 20% of the time. Both sizes have a battery life of 200 units. This artifact will give a veterinarian +10 on her PT roll when dealing with open wounds, and countering infections.

6) Auto Tourniquet

Duration:Unlimited (Warmth)
Bonuses:+20 bleeding related PT rolls

An automatic tourniquet can be wrapped over or near any major source of blood loss. The tourniquet is more than just an automated constricting bandage, and it employs electrical impulses to constrict and dilate appropriate blood vessels . Once activated, the auto tourniquet will eliminate damaging effects caused by blood loss. The tourniquet will function on a severely damaged limb, an internal bleed, or a head wound. If the tourniquet is improperly placed (e.g., around an anthro‘s neck) safety mechanisms will ensure that it disconnects itself. The auto tourniquet will not heal damage, but it will prevent further damage. The electric tourniquet will always function (no batteries necessary) if attached to a warm organic creature. Veterinarians earn +20 on any PT rolls that involve blood loss (surgery to severe trauma).

Staples, sutures, bandages. Anaesthetic?
Staples, sutures, bandages. Anaesthetic?

7) Bandage Box

Duration:75 minutes (Batteries)
Bonuses:+15 vet quick fixes; +5 surgery related PT rolls

This medical device is more than just a collection of bandages and plasters. A bandage box will quickly crawl all over the patient’s body and sew, or glue, together any open wounds that it finds. It will also sterilize and redress any old wounds. A bandage box will take 1-6 minutes to sew up a medium sized patient (anthropomorph sized). A battery set will provide power for 75 minutes of search-and-sew. A vet will earn a bonus of +15 on quick fix PT rolls when using a bandage box, and a bonus of +5 on any surgery PT rolls.

8) Biorganic Attachment

Duration:One Use (Self Contained)

A biorganic attachment is a ready to affix limb. It may be from an organ donor bank, from some biological vat, or from a dissected clone, but either way the limb has been prepared for attachment to a host body. The limb in a bag has all the energy sources, computer technology and invasive devices built into it. A biorganic attachment will nearly replace itself in a gory noisey automated surgical procedure. Once attached be biorganic attachment will become seamless with the persona. If the persona is physically strong the attachment will quickly grow in strength. If the persona is weak and sickly the attachment will quickly atrophy. Biorganic attachments are relatively easy for a veterinarian, or a biologist to attach. Requiring a 4DD maneuver for success. There are several types of biorganic attachments, and these types are determined on Table 47.2: Attachment Style.

Table 47.2 Biorganic Attachment Type

Die Roll
Unit Type
01-501)Basic Unit
51-802)Special Edition
81-953)Luxury Edition
96-994)Luxury Plus
00Ref's Own Table
Die RollUnit Type

1) Basic Unit: Requires a veterinarian for proper attachment. It only requires a DD4 maneuver. Reasons for failure could be wrong size of patient, or poor techniqueSizing and limb type is determined by the the sphincter diceThe basic unit is also limited to type of limb that needs replacing. The limb can be saved for later use on another persona if the attempt fails. EXPS 2000. Value 750 000.

2) Special Edition: This unit is self attaching and is not affected by limb type or size of the patient. A vet can attach the limb as a DD1 maneuver, or the personas could let the self attaching unit do its own thing. The special edition can attach itself with 90% accuracy (a 90% chance of success). Failure of the attachment is left up to the referee. EXPS 1000. Value 1 500 000.

3) Luxury Edition: This sausage-in-a-bag can attach itself regardless of race, or size, and may replace any external body part that is not an organ. A luxury edition biorganic attachment can replace fins, wings, noses, trunkS; ears, eyelids, or external mutations. It requires no medical attention, and has a 99% chance of success. EXPS 750. Value 2 750 000.

4) Luxury Plus: Same as the luxury edition but also has a physical mutation attached to it. The physical mutation cannot be a defect, and must be appropriate or explainable by the referee. EXPS 750. Value 2 750 000.

9) Biorganic Replacement

Duration:One Use (Self Contained)

Biorganic replacements are ready to implant organs, tissues, or glands. They can be straight from tissue culture vats, harvested from clones, harvested from criminals, or cybernetically designed. The biorganic replacement can be used to enhance an existing system, or to replace an ailing one. The nature of each biorganic replacement is discussed in the following paragraphs, as is its value and attribute bonus. The replacement type is rolled on Table 47.3: Replacement Type.

For any biorganic attachment to work, the vet must properly implant it using surgery. This has base difficulty of 15DD. The process of biorganic replacement will take 1 to 6 hours, and the persona must be unconscious, yet alive, for the entire time. The referee is encouraged to modify the DD of this maneuver to each replacement type and the circumstances surrounding the operation.

For instance if a biorganic replace were being used to replace the sight of a blinded persona then the referee should ensure an almost certain chance for surgery success and tissue e acceptance. If the replacement is being used for enhancement of fully functional eyes then the chance for success should be reduced.

If the biorganic replacements are being abused to build super personas then the referee should increase the chances of failure, and inflict some of her own side effects. For instance too many muscle grafts may result in tissue rejection that includes previous implants and some of the patient’s original tissue, leaving her with a PSTR that is less than she began with.

Table 47.3 Biorganic Replacement Type

Determine the style of the biorganic replacement.
Die Roll (1d1000Type
01-071)Blood Filters
08-142)Bone Hardening
15-213)Brain Tissue
22-284)Conductive Tissue
29-355)Contractile Tissue
36-426)Covering, Encasement
43-497)Covering, Hardened
57-639)Heart, Pump
71-7711)Mental Mutation
78-8412)Physical Mutation
85-8913)Sensory, Audio
90-9514)Sensory, Visual
96-9715)Sensory, Touch
98-9916)Sensory, Taste/Smell
00Ref's Own Table
Die RollType

1) Blood Filters (150000): These will assist, or replace, the body’s present organs for cleansing the blood. If the replacement is added to a persona with a fully functioning system she would improve her CON attribute by 10% (adjustment cannot be less than +1, nor greater than +2), and earn a bonus of +2 when making saving throws against poison attacks.

2) Bone Hardening (100000): This persona’s bones have been treated with microbiological cultures that will lay down a hardening laminate on all of her bones. This can only be done on those personas that are at least adult in age. When applied to normal strength bones, the persona will earn a HPS maximum bonus of 20%. Bone hardening cannot be over laid.

3) Brain Tissue (1000000): This treatment involves the insertion of additional brain tissue which will give the patient improved mental capacity and memory retrieval. When installed in a fully functioning system she would improve her INT attribute by 10% (adjustment cannot be less than +1, nor greater than +2). There is a cumulative 15% chance per implant that something will go wrong. Initial implants will involve mild insanities, and later implants may involve severe insanities. If the persona is abusing brain tissue implants she may find herself comp &big with other thinkspaces for control of her body.

4) Conductive Tissue (500000): Conductive tissue involves the implantation tissue that grows alongside motor neurons producing wider, lower resistance neural pathways. These allow for faster reaction times and improved dexterity. When installed in a fully functioning nervous system the patient would improve her DEX attribute by 10% (adjustment cannot be less than +1, nor greater than +2). The implants will also offer an initiative roll bonus of +2.

5) Contractile Tissue (100000): Contractile tissue biorganic replacements are muscle tissue plus the necessary neural wiring to make the implants useful. The muscle can improve the patient’s PSTR attribute by 10% (adjustment cannot be less than +1, nor greater than +2). For every 3 points of PSTR increase, representing several muscle grafts, the patient will suffer a -2 DEX penalty, as her fine motor system gets confused amidst the additional tissue.

6) Covering, Encasement (50000): This is an exatmo hardened body glove that is surgically integrated with the patient. Once she is permanently inserted into her new skin she will be unaffected by exatmo pressures, any airborne contact toxins, and her natural armour rating will be 550. The patient will also suffer a -5 CHA penalty and a -2 DEX penalty. All of the mutant’s orifices can be voluntarily sealed, connected to air sources, or whatever.

7) Covering, Hardening (10000): A hardened skin covering involves the plating of the mutant’s fat pads, force absorbent inserts, and shock absorbent head moldings. The persona suffers a CHA penalty of-2, but enjoys an improved armour rating of +80, and a 10% bonus on her HPS maximum. Covering hardening can only be done once.

8) Digestion (55000): This biorganic replacement can be used to place any malfunctioning organ associated with the digestive tract. This includes teeth, stomach, intestine, and related organs. If this system is inserted into a fully functioning patient it will allow her to chew on peculiar items, and consume them without gastric despair. This patient would earn a bonus of +5 on saves versus ingested poisons.

9) Heart, Pump (200000): The vital juices pump replacement can replace an ailing heart, or it can be used to supercharge a fully functioning one. The additional heart tissue will improve the persona’s CON by 10% (improvement cannot be less than +1, and cannot exceed +2).

10) Lung (200000): The additional respiratory tissue is not limited to lung, but can be gills for aquarians, or green leafy material for florians. The respiratory tissue will allow healthy individuals to improve their CON by 10% (improvement cannot be less than +1, and cannot exceed +2). They will also earn a bonus of +2 on saves versus respiratory poisons, and will  be able-hold their breath twice as long as normal.

11) Mental Mutation Insert (10000000): This is a very bizarre biorganic replacement indeed. The operation will insert a single mutation that is determined on the Mental Mutation table in chapter 58. It is not recommended to insert a defect at such great economic expense.

12) Physical Mutation Insert (5000000): A physical mutation attachment will be determined by the Physical Mutation table in chapter 59. Defects are not to be inserted unless the referee has some how justified the penalty as part of her ongoing campaign.

13) Sensory, Audio (2000000): Audio biorganic replacements can be used to bypass damaged audio sensors, or to enhance undamaged ears. If the biorganic replacement is used to enhance the patient’s hearing she will earn a bonus of 10% on her AWE attribute. This bonus cannot be less than +1 and cannot be greater than +2. Enhanced audio sensors will double the persona’s chance to detect an ambush.

14) Sensory, Visual (3000000): The optical biorganic replacement can be used to cure blindness, or it can be used to enhance a fully functional set of eyes. The patient’s AWE will be increased by 10%, this bonus cannot be less than +1 and cannot be greater than +2.

15) Sensory, Touch (2500060): The touch sensory system can be used to repair any defect in the patient’s tactile senses. If the patient’s touch sensors are fully intact this biorganic replacement can be used to enhance her DEX by 10%. The bonus cannot be less than +1, and not greater than +2. An enhanced tactile system will offer the patient +10 in any eye hand co-ordination PT rolls.

16) Sensory, Taste/Smell (100000): If the biorganic replacement is used to enhance the persona’s normal sense of smell, it will offer a +10% bonus on her AWE, and this bonus cannot be less than +1 and no greater than +2. The persona can use this enhanced sense of smell to better detect ambushes. Her ambush detection ability will be doubled with this enhancement.

10) Blind Goggles

Duration:12 Months (Batteries)
Wate:500 gms

Blind goggles will restore sight to any humanoid creatures that suffers visual impairment. The goggles can in no way enhance regular vision. This device can only restore sight up to a range of 1 hex per point of adjusted AWE (AWE plus level). This distance is halved in darkness. The goggles will only restore regular sight and cannot reproduce any special optical abilities the persona may have had. One battery set will operate for 12 months.

11) Blood Clot Disruptor

Duration:150 units (Batteries)
Bonuses:+10 for blood related procedures.

This device can be used by any veterinarian to destroy build-ups of organic material that inhibit the flow of blood through normal channels. If the vet succeeds with this DD3 maneuver, clotting can be disrupted in any of the anthro types. Once the location of a clot is determined, it can be disrupted in 1-3 units. There is a standard, whole body 15-unit treatment that will eliminate 99% of malignant clots in the body. The blood clot disrupter will assist the any persona with a +10 PT roll bonus for any blood flow related activities.

If this device is being used as a weapon, it will have unpredictable effectiveness. Each attack will drain 30 units of battery power. The blood clot disrupter’s maximum effective range is 2 hexes, and it attacks as a Type C weapon. The device will inflict 2 to 12 hit points in hemorrhage damage. After each attack there is a 1% chance per hit point of damage inflicted of the the target developing a major internal bleed. A major internal bleed will inflict 5 to 50 hit points in damage.

12) Blood Congelator

Duration:1800 units (Batteries)
Bonuses:+10 for blood related procedures.
Value:25000 (Batteries)

A Blood congelator causes the blood to thicken, to produce scabs, and control undesired blood flow. External bleeding, or blood drain, may be stopped, 95% of the time, within 1-10 units. Only a vet can use a Blood Congelator to control internal bleeding. To control internal bleeding is a DD3 maneuver with a blood congelater. When combatting blood loss the vet will earn +20 on her PT roll.

When this device is being used as a weapon, it has a 2 hex range and attacks as a type C weapon. If a hit is scored it will inflict 2 to 12 hit points of damage. Each attack will cost 200 units of battery drain. For each hit point of damage inflicted there is a 1% chance of target developing an embolism. An embolism will inflict 5 to 50 hit points in damage 1 to 4 days later. The damage inflicted cannot be healed by regeneration, or pharmaceuticals, unless the target is also treated with a Blood Clot Disrupter, or anticoagulants. The damage can be healed naturally by the target, but accelerated healing will not function.

13) Bone Setter

Duration:90 minutes (Batteries)
Bonuses:+10 for bone related (any trauma) procedures.

The Bone Setter can heal major bones or groups of bones of most conceivable ailments. Fractures, cavities, cancers, deformities, and bone-ligament damage maybe magically repaired with this device. The Bone Setter has no effect on Florians or insectoids for obvious reasons. A treatment takes 1-10 minutes of a 90 minute battery charge. Bone repairing can account for 1 to 6 extra hit points of healing every week. This instrument will work 90% of the time. When using a bone setter the vet will earn a bonus of +10 on her PT roll when treating traumatic injuries.

14) Breath Ball

Duration:One Use (Self Contained)
Bonuses:+10 for resuscitation related procedures.

A Breath Ball is a chemical respiration doo-hickey that has two principal uses. The first use is when the ball is held in the mouth. In this state it will slowly dissolve, and produce 15 minutes of air for an anthro. Sucking on a breath ball will help the persona avoid a malicious, or inhospitable, atmosphere.

The breath ball can also restore the breathing of a non-respiring anthro. If forced into the stomach, the ball will proceed to induce muscular contractions that will imitate respiration for 10 minutes. During this time, it will repair any damage done by poisons to the lungs. The breath ball can counteract any poison of intensity less than the ball’s Tech Level. Note that only poisoned lungs may be repaired (gases). The persona will regain normal respiration if she makes a successful damage system shock roll.

15) Cardio Vest

Duration:30 hours (Batteries)
Bonuses:+25 for resuscitation related procedures.

This vest, worn over the torso (like most vests), will regulate and monitor a heart beat for an indefinite period. It can also restore a lost heart beat by using up 1 hour’s battery supply. Any persona requiring massive heart stimulation such as this will lose consciousness, and must make a recovery roll for this procedure to work.Once the heart has been resuscitated, it can be kept beating artificially by the vest for the duration of its battery supply. The persona will remain unconscious during artificial heart stimulation._ When using a cardio vest a veterinarian has a +25 bonus when making resuscitation PT rolls. Note that a Cardio Vest cannot keep the brain alive unless the lungs are operating. The vest has 30 hours of battery supply.

16) Cerebro Converter

Duration:Unlimited (Power Source)
Value:11 300 000 000

A cerebro converter can analyze an organic storage device (like a brain), convert the information to electrical signals, and then reprogram another brain with the converted information. Both think spaces are permanently altered by the procedure. The medical significance of this device is profound, and it can be used to switch a think space from one brain to another. This device has an insidious nature, and some of its uses include complete brainwashing, ultimate disguises, and think space immortality.

One example of a cerebro conversion could be transfer of the emotions, knowledge and mental strength of the the donor into the receiver. This will leave the donor body a mind blanked husk, and will obliterate the receiver’s think space and personality. The donor think space would now have the persona type, AWE, CHA, CON, DEX, INT, PSTR, and Hps max of the receiver, and the memories, personality, think space, MSTR, class and experience level of the donor. Essentially the receiver body becomes the donor and the donor body becomes a husk. There is no possibility of partial knowledge transfer, unless combined with other equipment.

Danger: Such maneuvers are not without risk. It must be emphasized that this is a very dangerous device for both the personas, and the referee. For the personas, there is a high chance of death, insanity, and mental loss. The users must be aware that the cerebro converter is indiscriminate, and all knowledge (family life, loves, hates, gossip) is transferred into the receiving brain. This can cause an infinity of problems, and if properly exploited by the referee can create an endless source of fun.  Any procedure failure, like a power failure, interruption by combat, or a failed performance table roll will result in a side effect. The side effect is generated on Table 47.4: Cerebro Side Effect.

Failure: Even if the veterinarian makes a stunning PT roll there is still a chance that there will be unpreventable think space confusion. The base chance for success of the cerebro conversion is the ratio between the receiver’s INT and the donor’s combined INT and MSTR. Even if this ratio is over 100%, there is still a 15% chance of side effects (less 1% per Tech Level of the cerebro converter).

More Failure: If a think space were being moved from a persona with a 12 INT and a 9 MSTR, and this think space were being copied over the think space of a persona with a 16 INT there would be a (16 / 21 = ) 76%  chance of the cerebro conversion being successful. Artificially preserved brains, and mechanical-electrical devices are considered to have an INT of 25, but no MSTR.

Chance for Conversion Success

(INT of receiver)/(INT+MSTR of donor)

If the process fails for any reason at all there is a 25% chance (less 1% per tech level), that the machine will suffer a breakdown. The severity of the breakdown is rolled on the Extent of Damage table in Chapter 21: Equipment Damage. Regardless of maintenance problems, the cerebro converter must cool down for 1 hour per point of donor’s INT before being used again.

Even More Failure: Many of the cerebro conversion side effects involve competition between the two think spaces involved in cerebro conversion. The state of the think space is radically altered for conversion into the other brain, and this has a great equalizing effect on both think spaces. If there is a great discrepancy between the combating MSTRs then the referee must adjust them both so that there is a reasonable chance of success for either attacker. This can be most objectively done by averaging the two MSTRs.

Table 47.4 Cerebro Converter Side Effects

What could possibly go wrong?
Die Roll (1d100)Side Effect
30-592)Mind Blank
94-995)Mental Mutation
00Ref's Own Table
Die RollSide Effect

1) Insanity: Both think spaces connected by the cerebro converter are locked in a battle for control. First the donor think space attacks the receiving think space (comparing their MSTRs), and then vice versa. The referee could use either a pair of saving throws, or an attribute challenge using MSTR. If the attack is successful, refer to the Insanity Tables listed in chapter 11, Referee Personas. Machines and robots will use their intelligence against the attack, and will suffer what ever insanity that is generated.

2) Mind Blank: This is another pair of psionic attacks that the two think spaces will automatically make against each other. Failure to save will cause result in the storage system to be blanked. This can apply to any storage format attached to the cerebro converter, whether biological or mechanical. All data banks, levels of experience, memories, skills, etc. will be wiped clean from a brain that has been blanked. It is up to the referee whether this is permanent or not. If the expedition is up to no good, make the persona start from scratch with the attributes they presently have. If the expedition is trying to save the universe then have the amnestic fugue last an amusing amount of time. 

3) Dominance: Dominance is confusing a confusing mix of two think spaces. is as if one think space has been copied into the other, without erasing the preceding one. This will truly call on the improvisational talents of the referee. The receiver could be dominated by the donor’s transplanted mind, or vice versa. The more intelligent brain will usually manage to preserve itself. If the think spaces are of equal intelligence, the minds may be switched. Don’t omit the possibility that a organic creature may become a robot if her think space is dominated by a machine.

4) Death: The personas inflict mental attacks on each other. A successful attack will result in a combination mind blank-death attack. If the persona is killed, and then resuscitated, she must start life with a blanked mind. Note that the mental attack effects are simultaneous, and rare.

5) Mental Mutation: Some how the receiver think space has combined with the donor think space to create a new and wonder mental mutation. This should be permanent, but the referee may limit it as she sees fit. The new mutation is new to the think space of the persona so she must figure it out on her own. Lots of fun. The mutation is rolled in Chapter 58: Mental Mutations and cannot be a defect.

Less Failure Through Science: The higher the tech level of the cerebro converter, the more effective the device is. Higher tech level converters can carry out more complex conversions requiring less personnel. Consult Table 47.5: Converter Tech Level to determine the impact of tech level on the device. The tech level of the cerebro converter is represented by it’s wate. The less the converter’s wate the higher it’s tech level. If the DD is very high then several veterinarians are required to work as a research team. The research team need not be composed solely of veterinarians as biologists may prove helpful also. See research teams in Performance Tables, for more information about how to achieve massive DD rolls. Failure of this PT roll will result in failure of the procedure, and rolls must be made onTable 47.4: Cerebro Side Effect.

The Cerebro Converter Tech table also lists the maximum complexity of the maneuver that can be attempted by the research team. A low tech cerebro converter can only transpose the think space of a patient into the body structure of a similar patient. As the tech level increases the PT roll will suffice for transfers from conscious to unconscious patients, and then from oxygenated brains to mechanical storage devices. The type of subjects that can be converted are listed in the Subject limitations column of the Cerebro Converter Tech table. The veterinarian in charge may attempt any maneuver she delights in, but the referee must increase the DD of the maneuver accordingly.

Table 47.5 Cerebro Converter and Tech Level (TL)

Tech level alters the difficulty and type of cerebro conversion that can be completed.
WateDegree of DifficultyConversion Type
>5000 kgs42DD Anthro to same Anthro Type
2500-4999kg30DDAnthro to Anthro
1000-2499kg25DDAnthro to Anthro
30DDAnthro to Storage
700-999kg20DDAnthro to Anthro plus above.
30DDAnthro to Alien
500-699kg15DDAnthro to Anthro plus Above
30DDAnthro to Robot
300-499kg10DDAnthro to Anthro plus Above
20DDStorage to Anthro
100-299kg8DDAnthro to Anthro plus Above
20DDAlien to Anthro
40-99kg6DDAnthro to Anthro plus Above
20DDRobot to Anthro
<40kg4DDAnthro to Anthro plus Above
20DDDead Anthro to any
WateDDConversion Type

17) Cloning Equipment

Duration:Unlimited (Power Source)
Value:5 000 000 000

Cloning Equipment can rapidly reproduce any life form if it is given a fraction of the original life form to work from. The clone will be a verbatim cellular construct, but it will lack the personality, intelligence and knowledge of the body that it has been formed from. The clone will have all the cellular maturity, but it will lack the life experience that the original organic creature had gathered over the years. The clone will, however, have all the physiological attributes of its sample.

The clone is nothing more than a mobile statue made from the same meats and ligaments as the sample. The clone cannot speak a language, and must be run as a referee persona. The sample donor has no control over the clone. If the veterinarians creating the clone wish to impart knowledge onto their creation they must use a cerebro converter.

The more advanced the cloning equipment is the less of a sample that is needed to synthesize the clone. A low tech cloning machine needs to have a whole body present for the entire process, which can be many hours. A very high tech level cloning machine needs only to have a small sample of the organism present to create the clone. The sample must be present for the entire cloning process. There is some damage done to the sample as little bits of it are snipped off and homogenized to have their genetic components analyzed. The type of sample needed and the damage done to it is determined on Table 47.6: Cloning Machine Tech Level.

The DD of using a cloning machine is exceptionally high in an effort to assure that more than one veterinarian is operating the device at once. Cloning requires a research team must usually be formed to successfully clone an organism. The cloning machine requires at least one veterinarian present, but a research team operating this device could be composed of vets and biologists. If the PT roll is unsuccessful, the cloning attempt automatically fails.

Even a successful PT roll still has a chance of failure. The chance of a successful cloning depends on how long the research team waits for the brew to be finished. The initial conception and gestation takes one hour. The clone ages one year for every following hour. If the clone is removed before the sample’s age is reached, the ratio (hours/years of sample) is the percentage chance for success. If the research team were cloning an organism that is 40 years of age, and they left the clone in the brewing tank for a total of 30 hours there would be a 75% chance of success.

If the cloning process fails the either because of an unsuccessful PT roll, or because the clone didn’t brew long enough the consequences are up to the referee. Most often the clone will fail catastrophically, resembling nothing more than a jumbling blob of bones, tubes, organs and rumpled skin. Occasionally clones will also flop around and bellow. Failed rapid cloning is not for the faint of cardiac pump.

If the process fails there is a 25% chance (less 1% per tech level), that the machine will suffer a breakdown. The severity of the breakdown is rolled on the Extent of Damage table in chapter 21 of the rule book (ed note. hahaha book). Regardless of maintenance problems, the cloning equipment must cool down for 2 hours per hour of use before being used again.

Table 47.6 Cloning Machine and Tech Level

Cloning gets easier and more effective as tech level increases.
WateDDSample Required
>6000kg40Live body. 2d12 damage and 5% chance of drowning
3000-6000kg30Live body. 1d6 damage.
2000-2999kg20Live body. No damage.
1500-1999kg15Living pieces/samples. Destroyed by process.
750-1499kg10Dessicated samples. Destroyed by process.
<750kg5Piece of anything. Destroyed by process.
WateDDSample Type

18) Coma Control Box

Duration:25 Days (Batteries)
Bonuses:+20 bonus for any unconscious related procedures

A Coma Control Box will regulate an unconscious persona’s healing processes. A comatose persona is one whose hit point total is less than zero. This device ensures that the persona will not lose hit points. The persona cannot be moved once attached to this device. The coma control unit cannot halt the effects of poisons or pharmaceuticals. Damage inflicted while the box is attached is still inflicted, and the coma control unit can do nothing to prevent it. The coma control unit can only regulate, and cannot intervene or heal. A battery set will last 25 days. This device must be attached by a biologist, mechanic, or veterinarian. This unit offers a +20 bonus on a vet’s PT roll when she is working with comatose patients.

19) Comfy Couch

Duration:15 Days (Batteries)
Bonuses:+10 for any procedures involving stabilization. Plus other equipment

A comfy couch is a stretcher that keeps the patient(s) hovering above its surface:, by anti-gray. The stretcher itself hovers above the ground, and can be pulled around without any effect on the carrier’s wate allowance. It can support up to 250kg (less the wate of extra devices). Unless diverted, the stretcher will continue to hover along at 1 h/u in the direction it was originally started in. One set of batteries will run the stretcher for 15 days.

Every couch gets 0-3 (d4-1) additional medical devices built in. These operate on their own battery sets and increase the statistics of the couch accordingly. See the Comfy Couch Equipment Table for a list of additional built-in goodies. The comfy couch’s extra items will automatically jump into action when an injured persona is placed in the couch. The couch will offer an award of +10 for the vet when she is making PT rolls for maneuvers which require a stabilized patient.

Table 47.7 Comfy Couch Attachments

Items integrated into the comfy couch.
Die Roll (1d100)Additional Item
01-0715)Cardio Vest
08-1418)Coma Control Box
15-2120)Consciousness Headband
22-2825)Fever Control Blanket
29-3527)Injury Detector
36-4231)Medi Kits
43-4932)Medi Wraps
50-6133)Medical Kit
6228)Internal Viewer
63-7035)Metab Counter
71-7738)Poison Detector
85-9945)Stasis Bag
00Ref's Own Table
Die RollAdditional Item

20) Consciousness Headband

Duration:20 Uses (Batteries)
Bonuses:+10 for any procedures involving stabilization.

When wrapped around the head of a anthropomorph, this device can instantly restore consciousness. It is integrated with the wearer’s nervous system, and will jump start the limbic system if it appears to be failing. The headband can be worn constantly to prevent loss of consciousness from poisons, shock, physical damage, or mental attacks. If consciousness is to be maintained the player must make a successful recovery roll for her persona. Regardless of the persona’s physical state she will have no less than a 10% chance of making her recovery roll. The consciousness head band will require one use per extra recovery roll that the persona needs to remain conscious. Each use will inflict 0-3 hit points of electrical damage to the persona.

21) Cauterizing Ray

Duration:20 units (Batteries)
Bonuses:+20 for any procedures involving blood loss.
Value:220 000

This device is normally used to heal the stumps of amputated digits or limbs. The ray sterilizes and arrests blood loss in one unit. The ray can be used by a veterinarian in cases of severe trauma to increase her PT roll by +20.

When wielded as a weapon, the cauterizing ray attacks as a type C weapon. The ray has a 1 hex range and inflicts 4 to 24 hit points of damage. Each attack uses 8 units of battery drain. The damage inflicted only effects organic creatures, and cannot be regenerated. For instance a hit with this weapon inflicting 16 hit points would reduce the target’s hit points maximum by 16. The referee should only use this as a weapon against player personas in extreme situations. Only a Rejuv Chamber can return the persona to her original hit points maximum. No pharmaceuticals, mutations, or other gadgets will restore the damaged HPS max. A battery set will last for 20 units.

22) Deaf Head Phones

Duration:Unlimited (Sound Powered)
Value:90 000

These head phones allow any hearing impaired persona to hear normally. If worn by a persona with normal hearing, a bonus of +2 is given on the persona’s AWE. This equipment is waterproof, but will not function underwater, or any other liquid. No batteries are required, but the deaf head phones will not operate in silence. Sonic attacks will shut off the head phones for one turn, after delivering full damage to hearing impaired personas, and double damage to personas using the head phones for acoustic enhancement.

23) Drug Box

Duration:1000 minutes (Batteries)
Bonuses:+50 on all pharmacologic PT maneuvers
Wate:35kg (10kg)
EXPS:900 (250)
Value:900 000 (50 000)

There are two versions of the drug box. The smaller (10 kg) of the two is a drug analyzer. The larger version (35 kg) is a drug analyzer and synthesizer. A drug box will be the smaller analyzer 75% of the time. The referee may let the player roll this, or she could choose whichever device is more appropriate for her campaign. Both boxes have 1000 turns of energy in a battery set. An analysis takes 6-60 turns, and a synthesis takes 60-480 turns (1-8 hours). The check for success is rolled at the end of this period. So the persona must wait until the machine is finished before knowing what has happened.

Drug Analyzer (EXPS 250; Value 50000): The drug analyzer is the smaller portable version (10kg) of the Drug Box.  The analyzer will analyze a compound, determine if it is a pharmaceutical and identify it. A veterinarian using a drug analyzer will earn a bonus of +50 when making pharmaceutical related PT rolls. The following information may be obtained by the machine: pharmaceutical type, effects, duration, side effects, and value.

The analyzer prefers a full dose of the pharmaceutical to use for study; this will double its chances for successful analysis. The normal process may consume a small portion of the dose, however this should not affect the performance of the pharmaceutical. The percentage chance for success is equal to the tech level of the drug box, divided by the tech level of the pharmaceutical plus a random value of 1 to 6. This value can never be higher than 80%.

Chance for Analysis Success

Tech Level Box  plus Vet Level / (Tech Level + d6)  Maximum 80%

The chance for successful analysis must be rolled for each of the five separate categories of pharmaceutical information that can be acquired. For example the analyzer may determine possible side effects for a pharmaceutical, but not determine its value or type.

Drug Synthesizer (EXPS 900 Value 900 000): In addition to determining all of the above information, the drug synthesizer is capable of recreating any pharmaceutical that it has analyzed. The larger version of the Drug Box has a wate of 35kg. A veterinarian will receive a bonus of +75 on any pharmaceutical related PT rolls with this machine.

To synthesize an analyzed pharmaceutical , a whole dose must be destroyed. The chance for success depends on analysis and on the ability of the drug box to synthesize the raw components. The device must first correctly analyze each of the 5 components listed in the drug analyzer paragraphs. The veterinarian, or biologist can adjust the chance of success, or earn additional rolls by making PT rolls ”

Chance for Synthesis Success

Tech Level Box plus Vet Level / (Tech Level + 2d8) Maximum 80%

If the synthesis is successful, the new drug will be identical to the original sample, although the newly synthesized pharmaceutical will have double the chance of side effects. If the synthesis failed the drug box should have fail safes that prevent the production of random pharmaceuticals, or poisons. The drug box can keep producing a single dose of the pharmaceutical as often as a successful synthesis roll is made.

24) Eye Cleansers

Duration:One Use (Self contained)
Bonuses:+8 on eye related PT maneuvers

The eye cleansers look like opaque swimming goggles. When strapped over the eyes they foam up and bathe the eyes in healing chemicals. They will negate, and heal, all forms of chemical damage to anthropomorph eyes. If hit point damage has been caused by the chemical attack to the eyes, all of those hit points in damage will be restored. Eye cleansers can only be used once and will act in one unit. The eye cleansers will offer a bonus of +8 for any eye related PT rolls that the veterinarian has to make.

25) Fever Control Blanket

Duration:One Use (3 HPS)
Bonuses:+10 on any metabolism PT maneuvers

The fever control blanket looks like a fragile, highly reflective, translucent sheet. It can restore and maintain the proper body temperature of any organic creature. Any internal conditions (poison, sickness, mental attack) causing fever can be countered by the blanket. It can maintain normal body temperatures against external environments within the range of -10C and +50C. A veterinarian or biologist can use the blanket to determine a patient’s body temperature. They will also receive a +10 bonus when using the blanket for any PT rolls that involve body temperature. The blanket will function until it is damaged. The blanket can take 3 hit points of damage before it is destroyed. An fever control blanket is disposable, and cannot be mended. If more than one persona at a time are going to use the blanket, then they must, be of the anthro type.

26) Incubator

Duration:As needed (Power Source)
Bonuses:+10 on any growing PT maneuvers
Value:200 000

This incubator can recreate the environment and conditions necessary for the gestation of embryos, seeds and fungi. The Incubator will nourish anything up to a state where it can survive outside of a womb, seed or spore sack. This does not guarantee survival, only live birth. Any life form exceeding 200 kg before it can support itself will be beyond the capacity of the incubator.

The duration of gestation is given below. Deviations such as multiple births and Siamese twins (or triplets etc.) will be left to the ref’s discretion. Vets and biologists can adjust the incubator to double or triple the rate of gestation, greatly reducing the embryos time spent in the incubator.

Table 47.8 Incubation Times

Cooking time depends on the amount of biomass to be incubated.
SizeDuration FaunaDuration Flora
Micro Organisms1-6 hours1-6 minutes
Tiny1-12 Hours1-12 Minutes
Small1-12 Days1-12 Hours
Medium1-12 Weeks1-12 Days
Large1-12 Months1-12 Weeks
SizeFauna (animalia)Flora (plants/fungi)

27) Injury Detector

Duration:100 Uses (Batteries)
Bonuses:+50 on any injury based PT maneuvers
Value:100 000

This handy little red box will analyze the body structure of any organic creature for injury. When attached to the body, it will detect almost anything from ligament strains to rigor mortis. The Injury Detector will aid vets by adding 50 to their PT rolls when dealing with any maneuver that involves physical lesions. A battery set is good for one hundred applications to the body.

Tom Corbett Space Cadet Adventure: Danger In Deep Space By Carey Rockwell, Tech adviser Willy Ley. Illustrator Louis Glanzman Gosset and Dunlap 1953
Big screen diagnostics.

28) Internal Viewer

Duration:Unlimited (Power Source)
Bonuses:+30 on any diagnosis based PT maneuvers
Value:950 000

This device gives a three dimensional, technicolor, moving picture of the innards of organic creatures. The paddles of the internal viewer must make contact with the patient. The internal views can be taped, and subjected to a host of special effects. An Internal Viewer will aid vet diagnostics with +30 on her PT roll. This unit is generally not portable (unless its tech level produces a wate is less than 6 kg). If the internal viewer is part of a comfy couch then it will assist 10 diagnoses per battery set.

29) Life Ray

Duration:Unlimited (Power Source)
EXPS:10 000
Value:22 100 010 042

A life ray will resurrect dead organic tissue almost to its original form. Enormous energy surges (like lightning) are used to rehydrate desiccated cells, restore chemical equilibriums, and rebalance biological polarities. The Life Ray must be employed within 50 hours of death. The Life Ray is a machine, and the subject must be placed within it.

The life ray will faithfully restore the body to the from that is presented to it. The ray will not heal or repair anything. Any corrective surgery must be completed before the life ray is activated. For instance a limb would only be reconnected to the regenerated patient only if her arm were properly reconnected before the restoration procedure.

To properly activate the life ray is a veterinarian maneuver that increases by 1DD per hour since death. For example, a patient that has been dead for 6 hours would be a DD6 maneuver. If a body has been placed in a stasis bag, the time within the bag does not count. For instance a patient that had been dead for three days, but was placed in a stasis bag 4 hours after dying would be a 4DD maneuver to resuscitate.

To be restored, the persona has two chances to make a normal (d20) CON attribute roll. If the player is successful with either of these rolls then the persona will have been successfully restored. If the player fails both of the attribute rolls then the persona is permanently dead. The veterinarian can carry out maneuvers that will allow the player to make additional attribute rolls.

If the player fails the attribute rolls then the persona remains dead, since her system is too far along the entropy road to be restored. If the vet, or the research team, fails the PT roll involved then the patient can be placed in suspension and an attempt can be made at a later date: Any patient with a zero attribute will die immediately unless the problem is corrected preceding, or during the life ray treatment. 

The life ray does not return the persona to her exact state of health. Since the device does not repair damage that was incurred the persona’s attributes will suffer penalties once life is restored. All attributes are reduced by at least one point during the process.

It is assumed that all attributes except MSTR will have suffered when the persona died. AWE, CHA, CON, DEX, INT, PSTR and HPS maximum will lose 0 to 3 points (d4-1). However, the persona’s think space may be enlightened by the potentially spiritual experience and a bonus of 0 to 3 points MSTR is added to her present MSTR. If any of the persona’s attributes fall below one, she is permanently dead.

Once the body is technically restored by the machine, the persona must be brought back to life. Her hit point total will be at negative 1/4 of the maximum hit points. For example, a persona with 20 HPS MAX would restart life at -5 HPS total. Now a veterinarian must successfully resuscitate the patient, or she will die again. Often the referee will allow the vet to automatically succeed at this point.

Unless this machine is employed absolutely ruthlessly (under the premise that all personas will eventually die), it can seriously imbalance the game. If a referee has any reason not to allow a life ray to part of her campaign then she simply can replace this device with some other piece of medical equipment.

30) Limb Capper

Duration:One Use (Nil)
Bonuses:+5 for any maneuvers that involve preserving tissue.

A limb capper is a flexible bowl-shaped super-bandage that is used to preserve the nerve endings, tendons, and muscles of amputated limbs while at the same time preventing further damage, and reducing pain. This artifact’s prompt use will facilitate automatic biorganic attachment. The Limb Capper can only be used once, and will aid the vet with a bonus of +5 for any PT rolls that involve preserving tissue.

31) Medi Kit

Duration:One Use (Self Contained)
Bonuses:+20 any PT maneuvers

The medi kit is a disposable one user personal medical aid for veterinarians. The kit contains bio electric painkillers, tissue and bone adhesives, organic tissue cutting acids, spray on bandages, and benign fur removers. Everything melts into uselessness after the seal has been broken in an effort to prevent unsanitary re-use. Medi-kits are also called vedi-kits, med-paks, and first aid kits. The Medi-kit awards +20 to pretty much any PT roll.

32) Medi Wraps

Duration:One Use (Self Contained)
Bonuses:+20 any healing PT maneuvers

A medi wrap is patch of synthetic skin that melts onto the wounded skin of the patient. The wrap will heal up to 30 hit points of specific skin damage. Once applied to the injured skin, its effects are immediate and any further damage will be impeded. Medi wraps can be used only once. If an injury is to a smaller surface area than the medi wrap, a veterinarian can cut the wrap if a 3DD performance table roll is made. This procedure will extend the the medi wrap by one use.

A burn medi wrap is only good for heat, friction and flame damage. Veterinarians are the only personas capable of criss-crossing medi wrap uses. To do this a 1DD maneuver must be made. For instance a burn medi-wrap could be used to heal the burn from an acid. When cross wrapping is done the wrap will only heal 10 hit points of damage. Referees must remember that most of laser and projectile weapon damage is internal, and a medi-wrap will only be able to assist for a small portion of that type of damage.

Table 47.9 Medi Wrap Type

Determine what affliction this medical equipment wraps up.
Die Roll (1d8)Injury Repair
1Burns (corrosive, thermal, electrical)
2Burns (chemical)
3All Burns
8Any damage type.
Die RollRepair

33) Medical Kit

Duration:50 Uses (self contained)
Bonuses:+42 for emergent PT maneuvers
Value:500 000

A Medical Kit is equivalent to the bulk storage of fifty medi kits. The medi kits are dispensed by a small diagnostic computer. The small diagnostic computer that can aid any persona, whether medically trained or not, in the proper steps to first aid. The computer will give vets a +42 bonus on the performance table rolls for any maneuvers that involve acute care (quick fixes, poison cures). The computer aids personas who are not vets, but meet the INT requirements of a vet (INT 12)in the area of first aid. Any such persona can apply quick fixes (and only quick fixes) when using a medical kit. The diagnostic computer runs out of power, and the stores run out of materials, after 50 uses. Recharging a medical kit is left to the improvisational talents of the referee.

34) Metab Counter

Duration:10000 units (Batteries)
Bonuses:+15 Vet maneuvers
+10 Biologist maneuvers
Value:25 000

A Metab Counter will graphically monitor respiration, blood flow, brain wave activity, and a few other useless metabolic indicators. The metab counter is the classic futuristic physician’s stethoscope. This device has a 10 hex directional range. Vets, and biologists, can use the metab counter to locate life forms, and to determine their health. Veterinarians get a bonus of +15 on any vet PT rolls when employing a Metab Counter. Biologists get +10 on their PT rolls when using a metab counter. One battery set will operate for 10000 units.

35) Mood Ball

Duration:10000 units (Batteries)
Bonuses:+20 in mutation related maneuvers
Value:25 000

The mood ball will alter and maintain the disposition of the holder. If they are depressed it will make them happy, if they get angry it will calm them down. These moods can also be adjusted by a skilled individual to manipulate the emotions of a single target within 1 hex range. There is no saving throw granted since the mood alterations are quite subtle. The mood ball is a psychiatric device that employs electrical signals and inaudible sounds to maintain socially acceptable personalities from the user. The mood ball is not a mind control device. The user is aware that she is employing the ball for her own benefit, since they will be genuinely happier when the ball is activated. A veterinarian can use the mood ball to assist her in any psychological performance table rolls. These would include calm persona, remove suicidal thoughts, entice a purchase, subliminal suggestion, or pain reduction. The veterinarian will earn a bonus of +15 when dealing with emotion, ovitiood related maneuvers.

Other personas can use the mood ball to assist in salesmanship or coercion. The mood ball is reflected by a negotiation roll, or PT roll bonus of +10. A persona that is frequently subjected to the emotional adjustments of the mood ball may become dependant on the device.

36) Mutation Detector

Duration:5000 units (Batteries)
Bonuses:+25 on mutation based PT rolls
Wate:1 kg
Value:25 000

The mutation detector provides a binary answer to the question whether mutations are present and whether the mutations physical or mental. Beyond this, the device cannot give any hints what-so-ever regarding the nature of the mutation. If a mutant were tested, and she had both physical and mental mutations, the mutation detector would light up brightly. A biologist can employ the detector to gain a PT bonus of +20 when attempting to identify mutations. The gadget must have an unobstructed line-of-sight, and can be no further than 10 hexes from the specimen. One battery set will last 5000 units.

37) Neuro Cap

Duration:Unlimited (Mental activity)
Wate:80 gm
Value:90 000

This medical device appears to be an oversized beanie with a yellow blinking light on top. The cap constantly generates a think space interference waveform that makes it virtually impossible for any form of psionic intrusion to succeed. The neuro cap will not defend against those mental attacks which manipulate the environment around the target. It will, however, work very well against the likes of ESP, pyrokinesis, and mental control.

Mental attacks must first make a save against twice the persona’s MSTR before they can attack. This value (2 times MSTR) cannot be less than 20. Thus a persona with a 15 MSTR would have a barrier of mental strength equal to 30. If the persona’s MSTR were 6, her mental barrier would be 20. The Neuro Cap is just a machine; it will also obstruct beneficial psionic activity, and any mental mutation used by the persona must save vs 2 times her MSTR before it can be employed.

38) Poison Detector

Duration:5000 units (Batteries)
Bonuses:+25 on poison based PT rolls
Wate:1 kg
Value:25 000

The poison detector can forewarn the expedition of unconfined toxic materials, and give diagnostic information about poisoned patients. The detector has a 10 hex directional range, and will give an idea of the poison’s toxicity (poison intensity). Contacting the detector to a poisoned patient’s body will give vets essential information about the patient. The poison detector gives vets +25 their PT roll when treating poisoned personas. A bonus of +10 on PT rolls is granted to nomads, biologists, and vets doing research with the aid of the poison detector. The detector will indicate whether the poisonous materials are of a radioactive, corrosive, or biochemically toxic nature.

39) Poison Box

Duration:200 Units (Batteries)
Bonuses:+61 for poison based PT rolls
Wate:20 kg
Value:62 036 049

A Poison Box will detect, locate and identify any amount of toxic substances within a 20 hex radius. If a Poison Box can obtain one gram of a particular poison, it can synthesize 10 doses of antidote. Synthesis of antidote requires 1 to 8 hours of battery use. If the antidote is taken immediately after the poison attack, the persona will get an additional saving throw where the persona’s CON will be doubled against that specific poison attack. If the antidote is not present, and no medical aid is available the persona can be attached to the poison box, and the continued effects of the poison will be stopped. The persona cannot act, but will not take damage from the poison until the machine runs out of power.

If medical attention is present, a vet using this device will get +115 on her PT rolls when working against poison. Biologists and nomads will get +40 on poison related PT rolls when using the poison box. This device has no effect if the persona is already dead. Only under the most extreme circumstances can the poison box be altered to generate poisons. This goes against every nanocircuit in the device’s programming, to attempt this should be at least a 25DD mechanic maneuver.

40) Psionic Box

Duration:200 Units (Batteries)
Bonuses:+102 for psionic based PT rolls
Wate:20 kg
Value:129 036 049

The psionic box is like a psionic stethoscope. . The device contains materials that absorb psionic energy wavelengths, and frequency generators that can constructively, or destructively interfere with think space wave forms. The veterinarian can use the psionic box to probe the local area (15 hex) for psionic anomaly. The box is an elaborate detector that will betray the presence of any mental mutations (but not physical mutations), or manipulations of a psionic nature. For instance the psionic box could be used to eavesdrop on telepathic conversations, or send out simplistic psionic signals. Any psionic related PT rolls attempted by the device’s user will gain a bonus of +102.

If the hair net like extension of the device is attached to the scalp of a suspected mutant, there is a chance of determining what mental mutations the persona has. Not which mental mutation it is, but what it does. Time stop mutation would reveal the ability to manipulate time, and not something called time stop. If the persona saves versus mental attack of intensity 4 to 24, the psionic box will yield no information. The level of the veterinarian making the assessment can be added to the intensity, increasing her chances of success. Such a probe will take 1 to 100 units of melodramatic agony.  This requires a successful maneuver of DD12 for a veterinarian (DD16 for biologists). If this device happens to be combined with a cerebro converter, the victim’s mind can be searched like a roll-a-dex for vital information.

41) Race Determiner

Duration:50000 Units (Batteries)
Bonuses:+10 for detection based vet PT maneuvers
+30 for Biologist identification PT maneuvers
Wate:2.1 kg
Value:25 000

This unit analyzes skin, bone, blood and tissue composition to determine the racial stock of the subject. The subject can be either dead, or alive. The data is yielded after 1 to 20 units of the determiner’s analyzing the subject. Vets and biologists can enter information on new races, and program the device to identify them. A Biologist will receive a bonus of +30 on her PT roll when making identification maneuvers with a race determiner. Vets can earn a +10 bonus on their PT rolls when making identification type maneuvers with this device. One battery set will last 5000 units.

42) Rejuv Chamber

Duration:Unlimited (Power Source)
Bonuses:+50 on any vet PT maneuvers
Wate:333 kg
Value:210 000 042

The rejuv chamber is a tank like device that is capable of healing virtually any damage provided that the patient is still alive. It will remove bullets, replace burned skin; set and pin bones, excise tumours, drain swellings, trephinate, realign blood chemistry, filter out toxins, and groom the patient’s hair, nails and skin. After a stint in a rejuv chamber the patient will feel refreshed, clean, and alive.

The rejuv chamber can only work with the material that is presented to it. The chamber will repair nerves with bits of nerve it excises from other parts of the patient. It will culture muscle from one leg to replace it in the other. Through this shifting of bodily materials the rejuv chamber can restore lost hit points and decreased attributes. The rejuv chamber has some limits as to what it can accomplish when healing. The rejuv chamber will restore a persona to a full hit points total. It will also restore to full any one attribute that has been reduced for any reason (aging, disease, poison). If the persona has more than one attribute below normal, the restored attribute will be randomly determined. A Rejuv Chamber cannot restore MSTR or cure insanity.

Since the rejuv chamber uses the patient’s own body tissue to repair damage, there is some risk when the machine is used. A patient should not use the rejuv chamber to repair herself if she is at a positive HPS total. The rejuv chamber will scavenge bits of tissue that are essential to the persona’s attributes to repair the HPS damage. The rejuv chamber will return the hit points to full, but at the expense of a randomly selected attribute. The persona will get all her hit points back, but a fifth of the healed hit points will be subtracted from a randomly selected attribute, this can quite easily kill the persona. If the persona has a reduced attribute the rejuv chamber will repair the decreased attribute.

If a persona with a HPS max of 35 were to hop into a rejuv chamber with a 15 HPS total and no damaged attributes she would be healed to full. The 20 HPS that she was healed would result in 4 points being subtracted from a random attribute. If the persona only had a 4 PSTR, and PSTR was the selected attribute the rejuv chamber would have accidentally killed her.

If a persona enters the rejuv chamber at a negative hit points total she will be repaired to her HPS maximum without any attribute penalties. A Rejuv Chamber will also remove parasitic infestations, diseases, poison effects, and non permanent pharmaceuticals without affecting a persona’s attributes. If the patient is at full hit points, and full attributes, the rejuv chamber will remove tumours, and give wonderful manicures without deleterious effects.

One treatment requires an uninterrupted 16 hours in the coffin like tank of the rejuv chamber. Interrupting a rejuv chamber treatment will usually kill a patient instantly, and messily. The chamber is largely self directed and will automatically begin to operate when a patient is closed under the lid. Veterinarians can manipulate the rejuv chamber to assist them is surgical operations and medical maneuvers involving extreme trauma. A veterinarian enjoys a bonus of +50 on virtually any medical procedure when using a rejuv chamber.

Omnilingual by H. Beam Piper Illustrated by Kelly Freas Astounding Science Fiction Feb 1957

43) Respirator

Duration:5 hours (Batteries)
Bonuses:+15 on any resuscitation PT maneuvers
Wate:2.5 kg
Value:50 000

A Respirator will monitor, regulate and restore respiration in oxygen users. Worn over the nose and mouth, this unit will monitor an anthropomorph’s respiration without any battery drain. If it notices any respiratory irregularities, it will start to breath for the persona. The device will filter out toxic substances in the air, but does not have its own air supply. The Respirator will warn of heart stoppage, but will continue operating regardless for 5 hours (9000 units), or until disconnected. This artifact can be combined with a cardio vest to maintain life. A respirator will assist a veterinarian with +15 to any resuscitation PT rolls.

Look no touchy.
Look no touchy.

44) Scalpel

Duration:9000 units (Batteries)
Bonuses:+15 on any cutting PT maneuvers
Wate:100 gm

This lazer Scalpel is very exacting, and makes adjustable shallow incisions. A scalpel will easily cut through any organic covering. As a weapon, it does little damage, a d6 hit points if a hit is scored, with no PSTR bonus. When attacking, the scalpel gets +200 to hit against organics, and attacks as a type C weapon. A lazer scalpel offers a +15 bonus for PT roll to vets, or biologists, engaging in any cutting procedure. The portable unit will run for 5 hours (9000 units).

45) Stasis Bag

Duration:One Use (Self Contained)
Wate:300 gm

The stasis bag is the body bag of the future. All organic processes are arrested within the bag. This means that there is no decomposition, no need for respiration, and no need for food. The stasis bag will suspend any organic material in a steady state: lunches; bodies, limbs, eyes for the eye bank, and even whole unconscious organisms. The auto-embalmer cannot hold an unwilling occupant, and anyone could thrash their way out of the thin container.

A Stasis Bag will operate safely between –80°C and +80°C. Stasis Bags that are not successfully opened by a vet or biologist (DD5) have a 1% chance per year of storage of explosive spoiling. Spoiled contents will be asphyxiated, dead, or under accelerated aromatic decomposition. One bag can hold 150 kg. Larger bags increase in value (+1000 ) and wate (+200 gm) for every additional 150 kg of capacity.

46) Touch Gloves

Duration:One Use (Self Contained)
Wate:2 gm
Value:25 000

Touch gloves appear as thin surgical gloves. When pulled on they melt into the skin, locating the touch and pressure receptors in the persona’s digits. The gloves amplify the receptor’s sensitivity, and spread out their area of effect. This produces hypersensitive touch of such clarity that the user can almost feel air molecules careening off her fingertips. The gloves cannot be removed, but will wear off in about 1 to 4 days. Industrious washing can remove the gloves sooner.

Anyone wearing touch gloves will enjoy a general bonus of +1 on her AWE, and a specific AWE bonus of +3 when touch is involved. There are other more specific benefits gathered in various situations. Any persona who has lost her sense of touch will have it restored in the hands, and her AWE returned to normal. Mechanics get +20 on PT rolls for delicate repairs. Veterinarians get +15 on all non-surgery PT rolls, and +30 on all surgery PT rolls. Spies get a +30 PT roll bonus when picking pockets, and opening locks. Pilots and drivers will earn +30 on driving performance tables.

47) Translinker

Duration:As needed (Self Contained)
Bonuses:+50 on PT rolls with connected device
Wate:2 kg
Value:1 000 000

The translinker is a bidirectional neural to machine connector. The translinker will allow a veterinarian to directly interface with a piece of medical equipment controlling it as an extension of her own mind. The translinker would allow a vet to integrate herself with a rejuv chamber and make medical decisions along the way. The translinker allows her to visualize the device’s data as part of her own memory structure, and to control the device’s controls as part of her own motor system. She becomes at one with whatever she translinks with.

A translinker could also be used by a mercenary to fire a piece of artillery, or by a spie to bypass a security lock, or by a mechanic to drive a space vehicle. A translinker would allow virtual access to a computer’s memory system. If the persona starts to use the translinker for things other than simple machines (robots or AI computers) there is a very real risk of the machine gathering some control over the persona, or the persona becoming addicted to the sensations translinking.

The bonus for employing a piece of equipment with a translinker is +50 on any PT rolls that involve the device. For example a veterinarian using rejuv chamber through a translinker would be a formidable physician to say the least. If the translinker is used with a device that does not have data or computer no bonus can be given. For example a gun would not have any bonuses but a scope attached to gun might. The to hit bonus would be +250 for smart guns or scopes. 

The translinker can take on any format that the referee wishes. One the persona’s end it could require a socket in the skull, or it may simply fold like tin foil over the persona’s head. The connector could be a cord, radio link, or a keyboard deck. The device could have a plug or a nail that is driven into the side of the machine.