Chapter 24: Mundane Equipment

Mundane Equipment are the low tech, non artifact items, that the persona needs to survive in the wilds. The equipment lists are compilations of low tech artifacts which personas can easily obtain in even the least organized of societies. The lists are as generic as possible. If any equipment appears which the ref’s milieu does not support, then it cannot be purchased. The referee reserves the right to change wates and costs without notice. Campaign forces unknown to the players may force costs to change, and new previously undiscovered alloys may drastically alter wates.

Each piece of kit includes title, wate, cost and sometimes alternates for each equipment type. The equipment titles should be self explanatory. Almost all the equipment in this chapter can be found in any respectable English dictionary (ed. note: one would use in these modern times). Equipment wate is always listed in kilograms (kg). Some of the very light items have their wates listed in grams (gm). The more wate a persona carries the less efficient she becomes. The effects of wate bearing are detailed in Chapter 18: Encumbrance. The costs of equipment are listed in electrum pieces (eps).

The mundane equipment in this chapter has its prices listed as costs and not as value. All the costs listed are in electrum pieces (eps). Relative to toys, the low tech equipment in this chapter is valueless. The starting equipment can be given to the personas, or they can buy it with the money that they start the campaign with. The allotment of start money is determined in Chapter 10: Incidentals

Higher Tech Equipment

The articles on the equipment lists are of a low tech nature, with an underdeveloped, medieval nature to their construction. Anything bought directly from the equipment lists is low tech. Low tech equipment is constructed from animal parts, poorly smelted metals, shoddy plastics and untreated woods. Higher tech equipment is composed of alloys, polymers, and other synthetics. Higher tech equipment functions no differently from the low tech counterparts, but higher tech kit is lighter (1/2 the wate), and more expensive (3 times the cost). Higher tech items are just synthetic age versions of items on the equipment lists and are not artifacts. For example a suit of chain mail has a wate of 5.9 kgs, and a cost of 80 eps. The high tech version of this chain mail would cost 240 eps and have a wate of 3.0 kgs. The higher tech armour would have the same restrictiveness, and the same armour rating as its low tech counterpart. Higher tech equipment is not to be confused with artifacts generated in the toy system.

Class Equipment

Class equipment aids the personas in performing their class skills. The simple collection of devices results in a bonus added to the player’s PT roll. The equipment can only be used by the persona in the pursuit of class skills. Using class equipment for anything other than class skills will usually damage the items beyond usefulness. Chapter 14: Performance Rolls, has all the details necessary for successfully completing class skills. The class equipment for one persona will appear as useless junk to another persona. Each kit of class equipment essentially acts as a black box that allows the persona to operate smoothly in her class skills. It is not required that the persona or the referee describe exactly how the equipment is being used, it just needs to be present. Table 14.2: Minimum Equipment is included here for convenience.

Table 14.2 Minimum Class Equipment

The minimum tool needed to attempt various performance rolls.
Persona ClassMinimum Equipment
KniteMSTR of 18
MechanicAny Tool
MercenaryAny weapon
SpieDark Sunglasses, trenchcoat
VeterinarianA smile
Alien (non class)Same as class
Persona ClassMinimum Equipment

Table 24.1 Optimum Class Equipment

List of equipment that will give the persona bonuses in their class maneuvers.
Persona ClassDescriptionBenefit WateCost (eps)
BiologistResearch Library+AWE5 kg500
KniteConcentration Symbol+MSTR0.5 kgsMust be given.
MechanicTool Kit+INT10 kgs1000
MercenaryAny weapon------
NothingDegrees, Lineage+CHA0.5 kgs100000
SpiePick set+DEX1 kgs1500
VeterinarianMedical Bag+CHA5 kgs3000
Alien (non class)Same as class------
RobotNeural Scramble+INT--42000
Persona ClassOptimal EquipmentBenefitWateCost (eps)


The combat parameters of armour and shields are detailed in Chapter 29:  Armour Rating. There are two armour lists, general and designer. General armour has a flat rate and cost. The wate is directly added to the persona’s WA (unless it is worn), and the cost is directly subtracted from the persona’s savings.

High Tech Armour: If the campaign’s milieu allow for it higher tech armour may be available for purchase. Higher tech armour functions exactly the same as it’s low tech version, but it has half the wate, and costs three times as much.

Designer Armour: Designer armour should be used for personas that have unique body structures. Personas such as aliens, and anthros with wings or multiple arms. Designer armour depends on the body wate of the persona wearing it. On Table 24.2: Mundane Body Armour. Designer armour costs six times more than the regular armour. A combination of higher tech designer armour would cost 18 times more than the lo tech armour cost. 

Table 24.2 Mundane Body Armour

All the protection money can buy.
Armour TypeArmour Rating (AR)Wate (kgs)Cost (eps)Designer Wate (%)
Furs, Skins5502.733.2
Cured Hide6002.5903.5
Plant Fibre6002.21702.4
Plate Armour70010.045014.2
Armour TypeARkgseps% Wate

Table 24.3 Mundane Shielding

All the shielding that money can buy.
Shield Type AR AdjustmentWate (kgs)Cost (eps)Alternate
Net, cloak+252.07Curtain
Shield, Small+353.020Garbage lid
Shield, Medium+455.030Street sign
Shield, Larg+507.050Chair
Shield TypeAR AdjustkgsepsAlternate

Type A, B and C Weapons

Type A weapons are thrusting and striking weapons. These weapons do not have lighter high tech versions because they depend on inertia to inflict damage. The wate of these weapons is listed in kg, and the cost in eps. A persona may use one of the alternate weapons; however, she cannot use her BP on her her to hit roll. Only the BNP can be added to to hit rolls for alternate weapons. Type B weapons are non-powered missile weapons. The are high tech versions of type B weapons. Such weapons do no extra damage, and can only benefit the persona by having a decreased wate. A persona may use one of the alternate weapons; however she cannot use her BP on her to hit roll. Only the BNP can be added to hit rolls for alternate weapons. Type C weapons are powered missile attacks. Mostly include guns and other powered weapon attacks that are usually generated as artifacts. Crossbows are the only type C weapon that can be purchased in this chapter.

Table 24.4 Type A Weapons

Mundane thrusting and striking weapons, including free alternatives.
WeaponWate (kgs)DamageCost (eps)Alternate
Axe1.81d10+210Throwing axe
Brass Knuckles0.41d3
15Gauntlet, wire
Chain2.01d6+12Rope, hose
Fist, paw (punch)--1d4-3--Glove
Flail, small0.51d46Nunchuk, arm
Flail, large1.51d815None
Foot, hoof (kick)--1d4-1--Boot
Fork1.62d48Rake, pitchfork
Lance, small10.04d418Coat rack
Lance, large13.04d624Flagpole
Mace, small1.01d38Pipe, wrench
Mace, large2.51d616Shovel, crobar
Morning Star1.751d6+1d410Ball and chain
Orchid (razor glove)0.91d4+125Broken bottle
Pick, small1.51d410T-Square, nail in board
Pick, large2.51d10+216Hoe
Point (dagger)0.31d33Ice pick, scissors
Spear2.51d12+12Pointed stick
Staff, small1.51d4+11Cane, bone, 2x4
Stall, large2.01d61Pole, coat rack
Sword, short0.41d416None
Sword, medium0.81d820None
Sword, Long1.21d1030None
Sword, Combo1.81d1250None
Sword, Double 2.42d870None
WeaponkgsHPS damageepsAlternate

Table 24.5 Type B and C Weapons

Mundane throwing and powered weapons, including some alternatives.
WeaponWate (kgs)DamageCost (eps)Alternate
Boomerang0.451d6+110Right angle
Bow, small0.951d630None
Bow, large1.11d6120None
Bullwhip0.81d3+125Chain, towel
Crossbow, small1.35
Crossbow, Large2.851d12250None
Mace, small1.01d38Frying pan
Object (rock)0.751d31Grenade, lunchbox
Point (dagger)0.251d33Pen, dart
Shuriken0.41d4+16Tin can lid
Spear2.01d82Fork, javelin
Staff, small1.51d41Board, cane, bone
Staff, large2.01d61Pole, paddle
Sword 2.01d4--Any sword
Wham (discus)1.751d620Dish, frisbee
WeaponkgsHPS damageepsAlternate

Table 24.6 Ammunition for Type B and C Weapons

Some mundane weapons need ammunition, some possible alternatives are included.
WeaponAmmoWate (gms)CostAlternate
Bow, smallArrow, small302 spsPencils, Large arrows
Bow, largeArrow, large504 spsNone
Crossbow, smallBolt, small403 spsPencils,
Crossbow, LargeBolt, large605 spsLarge arrows
SlingBullet102 cpsBall bearing, rock

Survival Equipment

Survival equipment is divided amongst essential survival equipment, and non-essential survival equipment. The essential equipment consists of useful pieces of survival equipment: backpacks, tents, food, water, rope, etc. The nonessential equipment is devoted to items which are not essential, but are nice to have: sleeping bags, tents, rain suits, etc.

Survival Pack: The survival pack costs 70 eps, and has a wate of 13.5 kg. The survival pack is designed to speed up the equipment buying procedure. A ref may not allow the survival pack to be purchased as one lump, but the list of equipment can be used to ensure that each expedition member is properly equipped.

Table 24.7 Survival Pack

Recommended mundane equipment for low tech expedition members.
Bed roll
Food, 1 week
Oil, 5 flasks
Rope, 8 hexes
Skin, 2 liters
Tinder box
Torches, 5

Table 24.8 Essential Mundane Equipment

Mundane but essential. Like socks, which are not on this list.
ItemWate (kgs)Cost (eps)
Bed roll1.01
Box, small1.515
Box, large2.540
Candle75 gms1 sps
Felt Pen50 gms2
Food, meal0.21 sps
Food, day0.65 sps
Food, week4.23
Oil, flask0.53
Pole, 1 hex2.03 cps
Rope, 8 hexes1.73
Sack1.8 (18 full)16 cps
Skin, 1 liter0.1 (1 full)15 sps
Soap10 gms75
Tinder box30 gms5
Torch0.51 cps
Towel0.48 sps

Table 24.9 Non-Essential Mundane Equipment

Non-essential mundane equipment detailed for your pleasure. This is not an exhaustive list.
ItemWate (kgs)Cost (eps)
Air Mattress3.093
Air Pump1.075
Alarm Clock0.725 gps
Binoculars0.83 pps
Bottle and lid0.33 gps
Bottle opener0.11
Bucket1.6 (5 full)55 sps
Bug Repellent35 gms20
Can opener0.32
Carton0.2 (20 full)3 cps
Clothing, keep dry2.025
Clothing, keep warm3.530
Clothing, keep cool1.010
Comb10 gms2
Compass1.04 pps
Cork screw0.425 sps
Corn Popper2.04
Fork90 gms1
Jerry can2.7 (8 full)5
Lighter Fluid0.835
Magnifying glass0.22 gps
Noisemaker1.01 pps
Sack, small0.6 (6 full)16 cps
Sewing kit75 gms15
Sleeping Bag3.030
Spoon150 gms1
Sun Screen10 gms25
Telescope2.14 pps
Tent, 2 anthros1030
Tent, 4 anthros2575
Tent, 8 anthros62175
Toilet paper20 gms20
Toothbrush45 gms1
Toothsoap96 gms4
Whiz and click thing250 gms10 gps