Hook Eh?

Aquarian protesting hooking.

I have moved off of GCS to sitegrounds. Works out to 5 times less expensive in dollars, and 25 times less expensive in time. Sitegrounds: https is instant, FTP is instant, WP instant, blank site instant, and I can fucking use email from my domain. Each of those was  clusterfuck of pain on GCS. I was able to move 5 full WP sites and two handmade sites in a few hours. In the meantime I am unable to gain access to GCS SSH because of key ratfuckery.

GCS is beyond opaque and operates not unlike a cellphone data plan where their shitty docs lead to errors that you pay for. That is the simple assessment of GCS. Anyways I wasn’t smart enough to make it work. 😉

There is a now a gorked webhook on this site. You can plainly see that at the top of the page. I am not going to fix it. I am continuing to work on the static site instead.