Gutenburg Is Broken

After working with the new whiz bang editor for WordPress I can say that is does not work. It is not ready to be used for normal folks.  Considering the fact that millions of web-pages are using the classic editor it is unfair to release this with a malfunctioning image block. 

When you convert a post or page to blocks it gorks all images. This is completely unacceptable. I have been fiddling for daze. 

Time Crime by H, Beam Piper. Illustrated by Kelly Freas. Astounding Science Fiction Magazine March 1955.
I have a deal for you.

A fresh image works fine, but an old image is doubled. Yes there are two of them. The captions can suddenly multiply in number. I have hundreds of images on my site. This is beyond any reasonable amount of work for a supposed upgrade.

I also consider backspace to be janky. It seems to delete the whitespace to the left of a character meaning simple corrections with backspace now require backspace then space before typing can continue. 

Colour me disappointed.