Subchapter 11-3 Robot RP

If the referee is at a loss for what kind of robot to introduce to the expedition, she can always generate a robot referee persona using this chapter. Detailed explanation of robot persona peculiarities is described in Chapter 5: Robots.

Robot RP Creation Checklist

Table 11-3.1 Robot RP Checklist

What every robot RP needs to be properly fabricated.
1)Determine bot type
2)Determine bot attributes
3)Base Anthro Type
4)Armour rating
5)Movement rate
6)Wate allowance
7)Power source
9)Locomotion type
10)Offensive systems (attacks)
11)Defensive systems (defenses)
12)Peripheral systems (random)
16)Control factor
17)Hit points
19)Tech level
20)Return To Chapter 11

1) Robot RP Type

When the persona’s attributes and attribute levels have been determined, refer to the Robot Determination Table to see what possibilities are available to the player. For example, a bot with a PSTR Level III would look down the column for PSTR III and find that three robot types (F, H & J) are allowed. This is repeated for each of the four attributes. The robot type that appears most frequently becomes the persona’s robot type. In the case of a tie, the player is free to choose.

Table 11 3.2 Robot RP Robot Type-2017-10-05.csv

Determine the robot type of the robot RP.
Die Roll (1d1000)Robot TypeType Name
043-084C-ECombat, Expendable
085-105C-DCombat, Defensive
106-120C-LCombat, Offensive-Light
121-125C-HCombat, Offensive-heavy
126-195DData Analyzer
196-135E-PExplorations, Planetary
136-155E-XExplorations, ExtraPlan.
256-280I-LIndustrial, Lifting
281-304I-CIndustrial, Construction
305-335I-MIndustrial, Moving
336-375J-DJanitorial, Domestic
376-415J-IJanitorial, Industrial
516-535P-RPolice, Riot
536-575P-CPolice, Civilian
576-615P-SPolice, Special Ops.
616-655R-RRescue, Retrieval
656-695R-SRescue, Spillage
801-840T-PTransport, Planetary
841-860T-XTransport, ExtraPlan.
861-920V-DVeterinarian, Diagnostic
921-999V-IVeterinarian, Interventional
000Ref's own table (multi-bot?)
Die Roll (1d1000)Robot TypeType Name

2)  Robot RP Attributes

Although attributes for robots are comprised of the usual seven (AWE, CHA, CON, DEX, INT, MSTR, PSTR), their generation differs.  There are four prime requisites:  CON, DEX, INT and PSTR.  Each of these is determined initially on a four-sided die and is referred to as the level of the attribute.  A player that rolls a three for PSTR thus has a PSTR level of 3.  The level of the attribute is quite distinct from the true value of the attribute.  The levels are used to determine what robotic type the player will have and must be converted to standard attribute values for play.  Although a robot’s attributes may change in the course of a campaign, its attribute level cannot change. So before moving on the persona will be have four attribute levels each between one and four. For example the robot Persona Sal has a CON level 0f 2, a DEX level of 2, a INT level of 3 and a PSTR level of 4. These attribute levels are endlessly important for robot personas. There are no table for adjusting robotic attributes.

C-ECombat, Expendable3d63d67+2d819+1d61+2d8019+1d10Combat, Expendable
C-DCombat, Defensive4d63d619+1d619+1d61+2d8019+1d10Combat, Defensive
C-LCombat, Offensive-Light3d63d619+1d619+1d61+2d8019+1d10Combat, Offensive-Light
C-HCombat, Offensive-heavy3d63d622+1d319+1d61+2d8026+1d3Combat, Offensive-heavy
DData Analyzer3d63d61d121d1219+1d601d12Data Analyzer
E-PExplorations, Planetary13+1d63d619+1d67+1d61d8015+1d4Explorations, Planetary
E-XExplorations, ExtraPlan.13+1d63d619+1d67+1d623+1d2015+1d4Explorations, ExtraPlan.
I-CIndustrial, Construction3d63d63d813+1d619+1d10013+1d6Industrial, Construction
I-LIndustrial, Lifting3d63d63d813+1d613+1d6019+1d10Industrial, Lifting
I-MIndustrial, Moving3d63d63d819+1d1013+1d6013+1d6Industrial, Moving
J-DJanitorial, Domestic3d63d61d82d812+1d602d8Janitorial, Domestic
J-IJanitorial, Industrial3d63d61d82d81d1202d8Janitorial, Industrial
P-CPolice, Civilian4d613+1d613+1d619+1d613+1d6015+1d4Police, Civilian
P-RPolice, Riot3d63d614+1d619+1d613+1d6015+1d4Police, Riot
P-SPolice, Special Ops.13+1d63d614+1d619+1d613+1d6015+1d4Police, Special Ops.
R-RRescue, Retrieval3d63d619+1d621+1d47+1d1203d6Rescue, Retrieval
R-SRescue, Spillage3d63d619+1d67+1d127+1d1207+1d12Rescue, Spillage
T-PTransport, Planetary3d63d61d81d81d801d8Transport, Planetary
T-XTransport, ExtraPlan.3d63d61d821+1d421+1d401d8Transport, ExtraPlan.
V-DVeterinarian, Diagnostic19+1d613+3d62d819+1d614+1d1001d8Veterinarian, Diagnostic
V-IVeterinarian, Interventional3d63d62d822+1d320+1d401d8Veterinarian, Interventional
Robot RP attributes are base on the robot type.

3) Robot RP Base Anthro Type

This is the anthro type that the robot referee persona was manufactured for. Unless otherwise specified, a bot will not harm or allow to come to harm any member of its manufacturing anthro type. So, if a robot were to have an equine base anthro type, then the persona would not be able to damage any equine anthro that she met. Nor would the robot allow the equine anthro to accidentally come to harm. Non-lethal attacks that inflict small amounts of damage can be employed against a robot’s base anthro type. A robot will protect a member of its base anthro type from other expedition members also. This is a major inconvenience that the player must get around when running a robot. Androids (type A) and combat robots (type C) are exempt from protecting their manufacturing anthro type.  Whenever the referee persona robot wants to damage her manufacturing anthro type she must make a control. More information about control factor is found in Chapter 5: Robots.

Table 11-3.4 Robotic RP Base Anthro Type

What is the base anthro type the robot RP was developed for.
Die Roll (d100)Base Anthro Type
00Other (alien, Ref's Own Table)
Die RollBase Anthro Type

4) Robot RP Armour Rating

All bots have a base AR of 700. It is important to note that armour rating values are the same for robots and all other personas. A robot has no immunity from punches, slashes and bangs just because they are composed of special alloys. A successful to hit roll will do damage to a robot as it would to any other target. So a to hit roll of 700 or higher would damage a bot with an AR 700 just as it would damage any other persona with an AR of 700. Robots are different from biological creatures and damage differently. This aspect of damage is covered in this chapter under robotic damage.

5) Robot RP Movement Rate

Robotic movement rates are determined by the robot’s DEX value. Robots are twice as fast as those other personas with the same DEX. Those bots which move faster than 8 h/u, must accelerate the same as vehicles. Robotic acceleration is one hex per unit per PSTR level.

Table 11-3.5 Robotic RP Movement Rate

DexterityMovement Rate (h/u)
DexterityMovement Rate (h/u)
Robot RP movement rate is determined by DEX.

6) Robot RP Wate Allowance

Bots are affected by encumbrance, though not as much as other referee personas. As expected, weight allowance is determined by the PSTR and the PSTR level of the bot. The wate allowance of a robot, measured in kilograms, is determined on the Robotic Wate Allowance table. A robot with a PSTR level of 3 and a 17 PSTR would have a wate allowance of 75 kgs. This means that the robot can carry 75 kgs before any movement penalties are incurred. All penalties of encumbrance apply to robots as they would apply to other personas. These affects are detailed in Chapter 18: Encumbrance.

Table 11-3.6 Robotic RP Wate Allowance

The stronger the robot RP the more it can carry.

7) Robot RP Power Source

All bots operate on electrical power but the cell (or supercell) that converts the source into electrical power will vary. For further information about Robotic Power Sources refer to Chapter 5: Robots.

Table 11-3.7 Robotic RP Power Source

The robot RP's energy source.
Die Roll (d100)Cell Type
01-091) Basic - Solid
10-181) Basic - Liquid
19-271) Basic - Gaseous
28-382) Broadcast
39-493) Dynamo
50-614) Gravitational
62-725) Magnetic
73-886) Nuclear
89-917) Plasmoid
928) Psionic
93-979) Solar
98-00Ref's Own Table
Die Roll (d100)Cell Type

8) Sensors

All robots will have built-in audio and video sensors which will allow the robot to “hear” and “see”. Robots will receive one additional sensor for every 4 points of AWE. The new sensor type is rolled on the below table.

Table 11-3.8 Robotic RP Sensors

Determines the robot RP inputs.
Die Roll (d100)Sensor Type
01-701) Video
71-762) Alternate Optical
77-833) Vibrations
84-904) Sonar
91-965) Radar
97-006) Ref's Own Table
Die Roll (d100)Sensor Type

9) Locomotion

This means of locomotion, in addition to being an important necessity, will add a great deal of personality and individuality to the bot. The locomotion type is the first indication of the appearance of the robot and it will greatly affect the development of the persona. To determine the robot’s locomotion type, roll once on Table 11-3.9: Robot RP Locomotion.

Table 11-3.9 Robotic RP Primary Locomotion

Determine how this robot RP gets around.
Die Roll (d100)Primary Locomotion Type
01-111) Anti-Gravity
12-172) Chemical Slide (and secondary)
18-253) Electromagnetic Legs
26-314) Jets (and secondary)
32-395) Magnetic
40-456) Pistons (4d4)
46-557) Pods (d10)
56-628) Propellers (and secondary)
63-669) Sails (and secondary)
67-7210) Skis (d4+2)
73-7411) Slog Bag
75-8112) Tracks
82-9813) Wheels (d12)
99-00Ref's Own Table
Die RollPrimary Locomotion Type

Table 11-3.10 Robotic RP Secondary Locomotion

On way to get around is not enough.
Die Roll (d100)Secondary Locomotion Type
01-301) Anti Gravity
31-402) Chemical Slide
41-5510) Skis (d4)
56-9913) Wheels (d6)
00Ref's Own Table
Die RollSecondary Locomotion

10) Offensive Systems

Robotic attacks are rarely built-in devices designed for inflicting damage on targets in combat. The robots in EXP have a particularly high level of free will and hence are considered quite insane. The majority of “weapons “that robots use are improperly utilized robotic devices. Chapter 5: Robots, and Chapter 31: Robotic Combat are both very helpful chapters in regards to robot RP offensive systems.

Table 11-3.11 Robot RP Attacks

Robot RP robot type determines built in attack abilities.
Robot TypeType NameRamTable 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Type Name
C-ECombat, ExpendableAuto1 RollNilNilNilCombat, Expendable
C-DCombat, DefensiveAuto1 RollNilNilNilCombat, Defensive
C-LCombat, Offensive-LightAutoNil2 Rolls1 RollNilCombat, Offensive-Light
C-HCombat, Offensive-heavyAutoNil1 Roll1 Roll1 RollCombat, Offensive-heavy
DData AnalyzerYes5% 1 RollNilNilNilData Analyzer
E-PExplorations, PlanetaryYes25% 1 RollNilNilNilExplorations, Planetary
E-XExplorations, ExtraPlan.Yes1 RollNilNilNilExplorations, ExtraPlan.
HHobbotYes10% 1 RollNilNilNilHobbot
I-LIndustrial, LiftingYes35% 2 RollsNilNilNilIndustrial, Lifting
I-CIndustrial, ConstructionYes2 RollsNilNilNilIndustrial, Construction
I-MIndustrial, MovingAuto35% 1 RollNilNilNilIndustrial, Moving
J-DJanitorial, DomesticYes10% 1 RollNilNilNilJanitorial, Domestic
J-IJanitorial, IndustrialYes25% 2 RollsNilNilNilJanitorial, Industrial
MMaintenanceYes40% 1 RollNilNilNilMaintenance
P-RPolice, RiotYesNilNilNilNilPolice, Riot
P-CPolice, CivilianYes1 RollNilNilNilPolice, Civilian
P-SPolice, Special Ops.Yes1 RollNilNilNilPolice, Special Ops.
R-RRescue, RetrievalYes1 Roll24% 1 RollNilNilRescue, Retrieval
R-SRescue, SpillageYes25% 1 RollNilNilNilRescue, Spillage
SSocialYes10% 1 RollNilNilNilSocial
T-PTransport, PlanetaryYes50% 1 RollNilNilNilTransport, Planetary
T-XTransport, ExtraPlan.Yes50% 1 RollNilNilNilTransport, ExtraPlan.
V-DVeterinarian, DiagnosticNoNilNilNilNilVeterinarian, Diagnostic
V-IVeterinarian, InterventionalNoNilNilNilNilVeterinarian, Interventional
Robot TypeType NameRamTable 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Type Name

Table 11-3.12 Robot Attack Table ONE

Lowest level of robot RP attacks, but by no means insignificant.
Die Roll (d100)Table One AttackExplanation
01-10Deadly Random PeripheralDamage = PSTR - 1d4
11-25Striking PeripheralWeapon Type A on Table 11-3.16
26-75Ramming No CF required to ram. If re-rolled take best or roll again.
76-00One Roll on Table Two Upgrade kill skill with 1 roll on Table 11-3.13
Die RollTable One AttackExplanation

Table 11-1-13 Robot Attack Table TWO

Slightly more dangerous attacks for robot RPs. These include mostly malfunctioning peripherals, and ranged attacks.
Die Roll (d100)Table Two AttackExplanation
01-20Two rolls on Table ONE2 rolls on Table 11-3.12
21-40Type B WeaponRoll missile weapon on Table 11-3:X
41-45Poison, Nausea Range half PSTR; Intensity 3d4
46-50Poison, ParalyzingRange half PSTR; Intensity 3d4
51-60Weapon, EnergyType A Weapon from Table 11-3.16 and see Chapter 49
61-70Weapon, VibroType A Weapon from Table 11-3.16 and see Chapter 49
71-80Weapon, StunType A Weapon from Table 11-3.16 and see Chapter 49
81-90Weapon, InertiaType A Weapon from Table 11-3.16 and see Chapter 49
91-00One roll on Table THREEGettin' tougher! 1 roll on Table 11-3.14
Die RollRobotic AttackExplanation

Table 11-3.14 Robot Attack Table THREE

Even more dangerous malfunctioning peripherals for the robot RP to attack with.
Die Roll (d100)Table Three AttackExplanation
01-15Three Rolls on Table ONE3 rolls on Table 11-3.12
16-30Two Rolls on Table TWO2 rolls on Table 11-3.13
31-40Poison, NauseaRange half PSTR. Intensity 5d4
41-50Poison, ParalysisRange half PSTR. Intensity 5d4
51-60Weapon, VibroRoll Type B Weapon on Table 11-3.17 and Chapter 49
61-65Weapon, StunRoll Type B Weapon on Table 11-3.17 and Chapter 49
66-70Weapon, InertiaRoll Type B Weapon on Table 11-3.17 and Chapter 49
71-75Weapon, EnergyRoll Type B Weapon on Table 11-3.17 and Chapter 49
76-80Heat/Cold BlastRange = DEX; 1d6 per PSTR
81-85Acid/Base MistRange = DEX; 1d8 per PSTR
86-90GunChapter 46: Guns; MP or lower only
91-95AerosolChapter 45: Grenades and Aerosols; Aerosol only
96-00One Roll one Table FourFear Me! 1 roll on Table 11-3.15
Die RollTable Three Attack

Table 11-3.15 Robot Attack Table FOUR

Lots of malfunctioning peripherals and actual lethal weapons for the robot RP.
Die Roll (d100)Table FOUR AttackExplanation
01-15Four Rolls on Table TWO4 rolls on Table 11-3.13
16-30Three Rolls on Table THREE3 rolls on Table 11-3.14
31-40Poison, KillingRange = half PSTR; Intensity 4d4; Save = 1d4 per 2 Intensity; Fail = -1 HPS (death)
41-50GunChapter 46: Guns
51-60Grenade/AerosolChapter 45: Grenades and Aerosols
61-70Bomb/MissileChapter 44: Bombs; Range 1km @ PSTR
71-80Acidic/Alkaline JetRange = DEX; Weapon type C; Damage = 1d12 per CON
81-90Attack MutationAttack Mutation only; Physical if CON > INT; Mental if INT > CON
91-99Disregard Anthro TypeHarbours no concerns toward base anthro type
00Ref's Own TableMake something up; or choose.
Die RollWeapon TypeExplanation

Table 11-3.16 Ramming Damage

Die Roll (d100)Description of PartRamming Damage
01-45Blunt and Flat1d4 + d4 per 3 h/u
46-75Blunt Protruberance1d6 + d6 per 3 h/u
76-90Edge1d8 + d8 per 3 h/u
91-99Sharp Protruberance1d10 + d8 per 3 h/u
00Ref's Own Table
Die RollDescription of PartRamming Damage
If the robot RP needs to ram this table shows the shape of what it rams with and how much damage it can inflict.

Table 11-3.17 Robot Type A Weapons

Malfunctioning peripherals that resemble and function as certain thrusting and striking weapons.
Die Roll (d100)Type A WeaponWeapon Damage
01-07Axe, Battle1d10+2
50-56Morning Star1d6+1d4
00Ref's Own Table
Die RollType A Weapon Damage

Table 11-3.18 Type B Weapons

This table shows the appearance and shape and damage of the malfunctioning peripheral.
Die Roll (d100)Type B WeaponWeapon Damage
11-20Axe, Throwing1d8
21-29Bolt (crossbow)1d12
39-47Bullet (sling)1d8
48-56Dagger (point)1d3
00Ref's Own Table
Die RollType B WeaponWeapon Damage

11) Defensive Systems

Robot defences are typically malfunctioning peripherals used as a defence in combat, or some kind of industrial hardening to protect the robot to do it’s prescribed task. Occasionally robots defences are just that, a defence built to protect a robot from abuse.

Table 11-3.19 Robot Defences

The amount of active defence that the robot RP has is determined by its robot type.
Robot TypeType NameDefences
C-ECombat, Expendable1 Roll
C-DCombat, Defensive1 Roll per 3 CON
C-LCombat, Offensive-Light2 Rolls
C-HCombat, Offensive-heavy3 Rolls
DData Analyzer1 Roll; 25% 2nd roll
E-PExplorations, Planetary1 Roll
E-XExplorations, ExtraPlan.3 Rolls
HHobbot50% 1 Roll
I-LIndustrial, Lifting15% 2 Rolls
I-CIndustrial, Construction15% 1 Roll
I-MIndustrial, Moving15% 1 Roll
J-DJanitorial, Domestic14% 2 Rolls
J-IJanitorial, Industrial45% 2 Rolls
MMaintenance40% 1 Roll
P-RPolice, Riot1 Roll
P-CPolice, Civilian1 Roll
P-SPolice, Special Ops.1 Roll
R-RRescue, Retrieval3 Rolls
R-SRescue, Spillage3 Rolls
SSocial85% 1 Roll (non lethal)
T-PTransport, Planetary40% 1 Roll
T-XTransport, ExtraPlan.40% 1 Roll
V-DVeterinarian, Diagnostic10% 1 Roll
V-IVeterinarian, Interventional10% 1 Roll
Robot TypeType Name

Table 11-3.20 Robot Defences

Defences for the robot RP whether actively built as defences or malfunctioning peripherals.
Die Roll (d100)Defence TypeExplanation
01-06Anti-MissileAR versus missile +1d6 times 50; miss negates area of effect
07-12Anti-PersonnelDamage 3d6; Intensity = Damage jump off
13-29Armour Rating IncreaseIncrease AR by 1d6 times 50
30-35Artifact ArmourChapter 42: Armour; min AR 700, re-roll helmet etc.
36-41CamouflageHide for Difficult (1d50) AWE roll. Cammo type per sensor type.
41-47Detect AmbushAWE times 4 to detect ambush
48-53Diffuse Bombsas mechanic level 5 plus bot level; double INT on roll
54-59Evasive ActionAvoid mines; combat Normal (1d20) AWE roll; cannot attack unless bot type C
60-76Force FieldAbsorb 1d4 times 25 HPS damage; recover 1 min per HPS absorbed
77-82Increase Hit PointsAdd 1d6 times 10 percent to HPS Max
83-88Mental MutationChapter 59: Mental Mutations; defensive only
89-99Override InterruptFree will.
00Ref's Own Table
Die RollDefence TypeExplanation

12) Peripheral Systems

Peripherals are attachments that give the robot some additional flexibility in performing its tasks. These peripherals are non-combative and are used by the robot to survive day to day campaign trials.

Table 11-3.21 Random Peripherals

How many peripherals the robot RP gets is determined by it's robot type.
Robot TypeType NameRandom Peripheral
C-ECombat, Expendable1 Roll
C-DCombat, Defensive1 Roll
C-LCombat, Offensive-Light1 Roll; 80% 2nd Roll
C-HCombat, Offensive-heavy80% 1 Roll
DData Analyzer1 Primary; 1 Secondary
E-PExplorations, Planetary1 Roll
E-XExplorations, ExtraPlan.1 Roll
HHobbot2d4 Rolls
I-LIndustrial, Lifting1 Roll
I-CIndustrial, Construction1 Roll; 10% Second roll
I-MIndustrial, Moving1 Roll
J-DJanitorial, Domestic1 Roll; 40% Second roll
J-IJanitorial, Industrial1 Roll
MMaintenance2 Rolls
P-RPolice, Riot1 Roll
P-CPolice, Civilian1 Roll
P-SPolice, Special Ops.1 Roll
R-RRescue, Retrieval1 Roll
R-SRescue, Spillage1 Roll
SSocial1 Roll
T-PTransport, Planetary1 Roll
T-XTransport, ExtraPlan.1 Roll
V-DVeterinarian, Diagnostic1 Roll
V-IVeterinarian, Interventional1 Roll
Robot TypeType NameRandom Peripheral

Table 11-3.22 Primary Peripherals

Common robot RP peripherals. This table is not exhaustive and descriptive only. The peripheral should benefit the robot RP, but not be overpowered.
Die Roll (d100)Primary Peripheral
17-18Air Conditioning
19-20Alarm System
23-24Aroma Production
25-26Cammo Detailing
33-34Copy Editor
35-36Damage Analysis of self
37-38Detect Radiation
39-40Fire Extinguisher
41-42Food Production
61-62Extra Power Cell (Table 5.8)
69-70Plastics (3d printer)
71-72Power Plug
73-74Recording Equipment
79-80Storage Comparments
81-82Super Stability (auto acceleration)
87-88Vacuum attachement
89-90Video Playback
91-92Hard Copy Printer
93-94Choose A Primary Peripheral
95-96Extra Roll On Primary Table
97-00Roll On Secondary Table
Die RollPeripheral Type

Table 11-3.22 Secondary Peripherals

Cool peripherals that can transform the robot RP.
Die Roll (d100) Secondary PeripheralDescription
01-03Class ComputerFunction as a player class. Chapter 48 Misc. Eq.
04-05Cybernetic PartFrom chapter 59 Physical Mutations (no defects)
06ClassChoose a class from Chapter 8 Classes
07-09Damage Analysis How damaged is any object target. Plus 1 DD per INT bonus
10-12Detect Ammunition1 km per point of AWE
13-15Detect Mutations1 hex per point of AWE
16-18Detect Pharmaceuticals1 km per point of AWE
19-21Detectorsd3 detectors from Chapter 48 Misc. Eq.
22-24Exatmo HardenedAtmosphere agnostic
25-27Heightened Control FactorDouble Control Factor
28-30Identify Alien2 % per point of INT
31-33Identify Pharmaceuticals2 % per point of INT
34-36Identify Value2 % per point of INT
37-39Identify Wate2 % per point of INT
40-42Identify Weapons2 % per point of INT
43-45Increase SpeedIncrease Movement Rate by 2-5 times (1d4+1)
46-48Increase Carry CapacityIncrease Wate Allowance by 2 to 7 times (1d6+1)
49-53LanguagesLanguages as a type D. Relations Bot
54-56Medical DeviceSee Chapter 47 Medical Equipment
57-59Mental MutationSee Chapter 58 Mental Mutation as player.
60-72Miscellaneous Deviced3 rolls in Chapter 48 Miscellaneous Equipment
73-75Multi-botCombine another bot into this bot. Holy Crap!
79-81Pharmaceutical EffectRoll in Chapter 50 Pharmaceuticals
82-84Physical MutationSee Chapter 59 Physical Mutations roll as a player
85-87Robotic Over-RideControl other bots.
88Robotic DroneControl a second smaller robot of any type.
89-93Instant AccelerationDeadly Rammer
94-95Choose Secondary Peripheral
96-99Extra Roll on This Table
00Ref's Own Table
Die RollSecondary PeripheralDescription

13) Description

The robot can be shaped like anything the referee wants: fire hydrant, filing cabinet, kitchen appliance, etc. If you choose to let the dice decide roll on the following two tables below to get a basic robot shape. The robotic shape has no bearing on any other robotic abilities be they attacks, peripherals or defences.

Table 11-3.23 Robot Basic Shape

Base shape of the robot RP.
Die Roll (d100)Basic Robot Shape
10-15Descriptive Object (couch, car, stove, etc.)
16-60Cube or Parallelepiped
61-69Disc, Saucer
78-85Pyramid, Prism
93-00Ref's Own Table
Die RollRobot Basic Shape

Table 11-3.24 Robot Basic Shape Adjustment

Stretch it, bend it, fold it, flip it.
Die Roll (d100) Shape Adjustment
01-20Elongated, Stretched
21-40Flattened, Squashed
99Add another basic shape
00Ref's Own Table

Table 11-3.25 Fancy Attachments

Mechanical accents to help the description.
Die Roll (1d100)Fancy Attachment
01-04Access Panels
05-08Antennae, Coiled
09-12Antennae, Straight
13-16Antennae, Up and Down
17-20Hoses, Dangling
21-24Hoses, Looped
25-28Indentations, Random
29-32Indentations, Round
33-36Indentations, Square
37-40Indentations, Triangular
41-44Knobs, Glowing
45-48Knobs, Inflate/deflate
49-52Monitor, Data Stream
53-56Monitor, Static
57-60Protuberances, In and Out
61-64Protuberances, Pointed
65-68Protuberances, Springs
69-72Protuberances, Wobbley
73-76Protuberances, Gnarled
77-80Random, Sparks
81-84Random, Squirts/Drips
85-88Random, Steam Shots
89-90Things that Whiz/Click
91-94Tubes, Liquid Filled
95-98Tubes, Pulsing
99Tubes, Solid
00Ref's Own Table (chrome)
Die RollFancy Attachment

Table 11-3.26 Colour Your Robot

Some paint inspirations.
Die Roll (1d10)Colour
Die RollColour

14) Wate

A robot’s wate will be determined by one of two factors: outdoor and indoor. For robots that are designed to carry out hard work such as heavy lifting or construction, there is the outdoor wate equation. Other robots that are not designed for such load bearing tasks use the indoor wate equation.

Table 11-3.27 Robotic RP Wate

Indoor robot RPs tend to have a lower wate that outdoor. The more power PST and CON the heavier the bot.
Robot SizeWate In kgs
Indoor8 + CON - DEX + PSTR + 4d20
Outdoor30 + CON - DEX + PSTR + 3d100

Extreme Robot Wates: There is a small chance that the robot will be minute or humongous. Roll 1d100 to make a size check. If the roll is one the robot is a nano bot and has a wate of 1 to 1000 grams. If the size check is 100 the robot is a mighty machine and has a wate of 5d100 tonnes. If the robot is either a nano or a mighty the referee will have to make alterations in step (15) Size amongst other things.

15) Size

Size gives a rough estimation of the volume occupied by the robot. The referee rolls dimensions once for each of hite, width and length. These can be arranged in whatever order works best for the personal.

Robot Wate (kgs)Robot Dimension (cms)
01-1031-40 (30+d10)
11-3041-50 (40+d10)
31-5050-69 (49+d20
51-7067-100 (64+3d12)
71-9084-120 (80+4d10)
91-13094-130 (90+4d10)
131-170105-150 (100+5d10)
171-230125-230 (120+5d20)
231-300142-250 (130+12d10)
301 and up174-250 (170+4d20)
Robot WateRobot Dimension

16) Control Factor

Control Factor (CF) is essentially a measure of the robot referee persona’s free will — the higher the Control Factor, the more control the referee has over her robot referee persona.


17) Hit Points (HPS)

Robot referee personas simply generate HPS from Table 11-3.29: Robot RP Hit Points.

Table 11-3.29 Robot RP Hit Points (HPS)

Robot TypeType NameHit Points
AAndroidAs per class
C-ECombat, Expendable5 HPS per CON
C-DCombat, Defensive20 HPS per CON
C-LCombat, Offensive-Light15+1d10 per CON
C-HCombat, Offensive-heavy15+1d10 per CON
DData Analyzer2+1d2 per CON
E-PExplorations, Planetary15 HPS per CON
E-XExplorations, ExtraPlan.15 HPS per CON
HHobbot2d4 HPS per CON
I-LIndustrial, Lifting10 HPS per CON
I-CIndustrial, Construction10 HPS per CON
I-MIndustrial, Moving10 HPS per CON
J-DJanitorial, Domestic1d4 HPS per CON
J-IJanitorial, Industrial1d6 HPS per CON
MMaintenance1d4 HPS per CON
P-RPolice, Riot12 HPS per CON
P-CPolice, Civilian3d4 HPS per CON
P-SPolice, Special Ops.3 HPS per CON
R-RRescue, Retrieval5+2d10 per CON
R-SRescue, Spillage5+2d10 per CON
SSocial3 HPS per CON
T-PTransport, Planetary10 HPS per CON
T-XTransport, ExtraPlan.15 HPS per CON
V-DVeterinarian, Diagnostic2 HPS per CON
V-IVeterinarian, Interventional2 HPS per CON
Robot TypeType NameHit Points
Robot RP hit points are decided by the robot type and CON

18) Age

A robot referee persona’s age is related to it’s time since fabrication. The longer since fabrication the lower its HPS.

Table 11-3.30 Robot RP Age

Date since fabrication.
Die Roll (1d100)Robotic RP AgePercent of HPS Max
01-05Freshly Minted100%
16-65Broken In80%
66-90Past Warranty 60%
91-99Beyond Maintenance40%
00Ref's Own Table
Die RollRobotic RP AgeHPS Reduction

19) Tech Level

Typically the robot referee persona will have the tech level of the milieu in which it was created. If the referee wishes a tech level can roll a tech level in  Chapter 56 Tech Level.

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