Appendix A1: Abbreviations

A Antipathy
ADP Adaptability
AID Artifact identification
AR Armour rating
ATM Normal atmosphere
ATT Attacks
AWE Awareness
BNP Bonus non-proficient
BP Bonus proficient
cm centimeter
CF Control factor
CHA Charisma
CON Constitution
cps Copper piece
CR Combat ratio
CT Combat table
d3, 1d3 Three sided die
d4, 1d4 Four sided die
d6, 1d6 Six sided die
d8, 1d8 Eight sided die
d10, 1d10 Ten sided die
d12, 1d12 Twelve sided die
d20, 1d20 Twenty sided die
d30, 1d30 Thirty sided die
d50, 1d50 Fifty sided die
d100, 1d100 One hundred sided die
d1000, 1d1000 Thousand sided die (kilo-die)
DA Damage adjustment
DD Degree of difficulty
DEF Defences
DEX Dexterity
DPT Driving performance table
DSS Damage system shock
ECM Electronic countermeasures
eps electrum pieces
EXATMO Out of atmosphere
EXPS Experience points
gps Gold pieces
H Hatred
hd, HD Hit-die
HIG High gravity
HITE Height in cms
HPS, hps Hit points
h/u hexes per unit
INATMO In atmosphere
INT Intelligence
kg kilogram
km kilometer
LOG Low gravity
m meter
MOVE Movement
MR Maximum roll
MSTR Mental strength
N Neutral
P Preferred
pps Platinum piece
PSH Pure strain human
PSTR. Physical strength
PT Performance table
REC Recovery roll
Ref Role-play excitment facilitator
res Restrictiveness
RAND Random peripheral
RP Referee persona
RPC Referee player character (see RP)
sps Silver piece
SS System Shock
T Tolerated
TOYs Technological object yield system
VALUE Value in eps
WA Wate allowance
WATE Weight, or mass in kg
ZOG Zero gravity